A.J. Syndrome: Manifest Destiny of “Conspiracy Culture”

Alex Jones is widely ridiculed in the alt media circles, depending on the level of their seriousness. Yet is this “seriousness” an objective quality or just the way of self-flattery? In this podcast we explore how victory of Donald Trump will make Internet “conspiracy culture” go mainstream and argue that it will show what it in fact is: a social experiment in developing anti-social mindset. And A.J. is not ridiculous in any way. On the contrary, he’s an archetypal conspiracy/alt media figure that will lead rag tag bunch out of slavery into promised land of mainstream.

Additionally, we reflect on zeitgeist around the world and the worrisome budding of nationalism across the globe, given sanction by Donald Trump becoming the leading figure of the Western world.

(If for some reason the Mixcloud presents you with problems, the podcasts are available on Kali Tribune’s Youtube channel. Podcasts can be downloaded via this link )


Alex Jones doing his thing


Branko Malić

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2 Responses

  1. Akira says:

    Since you openly identify yourself as a holocaust denier, you are actually much, much worse than Alex Jones.

    He just sells toothpaste with toxic metals in it. You sell lies that are truly evil.

    • Malić says:

      Since you openly identify yourself as a holocaust denier,

      Come on, you can do better than that …. ha, ha

      You sell lies that are truly evil.

      No prize tags here. I’m waylaying the young and teaching impiety for free.

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