Durga-Kali-Wallpaper-496943Kali Tribune addresses those who realize that we are living in quite a peculiar age. So if you think that there’s “nothing new under the sun”, you are probably in the wrong place. For one thing, you are wrong about your identity. Namely, we are pretty sure that you are not king Solomon to whom these words from Ecclesiastes are ascribed. Accordingly, it is hardly believable you gained this insight from God with which Hebrew king held council from time to time. And, as many among us so easily forget, such categorical statements, so prevalent in our daily lives, cannot stand to scrutiny without divine aid. That’s why they have so little value.

If, however, there’s something elusive and indefinite bothering you in all these stories of progress and growth, outcome based education, technological explosion and such, then you are in the right place. Mainly because it’s bothering us too. Kali Tribune applies to our age the Hindu paradigm of Kali Yuga, epoch of continual dissolution of the world in the reign of Goddess of death and destruction, Kali. Along those lines, we are following the insight that nothing is so bizarre or crazy that it couldn’t be be all too real. If you deem the terms like “chemtrails”, “deep politics”, “subliminals in media”, “Luciferianism” and such as being the language of paranoids and cooks, you won’t like this website, because here you’ll encounter them regularly. On the other hand, if you are all too sure about what they mean, you won’t like what he have to say too. Because we know that we don’t know, and we could perhaps show you that you don’t know too.

If you are interested in that which lies out of focus, dwells in the details and perhaps even kills in silence; if you want to know what or who that is, Kali Tribune will give it’s best to assist your discernment. Our themes are confined to philosophy, sociology, media analysis, legislative and policy analysis, conspirology, all with the pinch of satire. But the true focal point of this website is the realization that we live in penultimate times. The epoch which perpetually promises the end of the world, and always delays it further. One doesn’t have to be Solomon the king to figure this out. It only takes a look into oneself and asking the question: “What is amiss?”

The best way to pose the question to the world is to pinpoint the whereabouts of the elusive discomfort, or even pain, one feels. If it shows to lead to bizarre corners, for instance: if it leads us to conclude that there exists a power so overwhelming and evil that it wants us all dead, or that there is something radically wrong with the world if I am denounced as nationalist solely because I love my country, or I am denounced a traitor if I loath being stamped with national label, then you are in the right place. Kali Tribune seeks answers before and beyond the extremes. Because the extremes molding our lives are sustainable only by artificial means, they are not real. Between them are the details and that which dwells in them. Therein lies the focal point of this website. That which is out of spotlight. Believe it or not, most of us spend our lives there without even knowing it.

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