Appetite for Destruction

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  1. Avatar Ivan Karamazov says:

    Perhaps I’m overly cynical on this matter, but the two archetypes of evil you discuss here, the dishonest man and the femme fatale, seem somewhat banal relative to other forms that you yourself have discussed. Also I don’t think these are a rarity, at least not in our day and age. Both are embodiments of the Will to Power. Don’t get me wrong there are most definitely demonic aspects to them, as you noted they project this evil aura for those more sensitive to these things or not yet under their trance.

    I have a somewhat similar figure in mind to your dishonest man, it’s Dostoevsky’s Underground Man. This best summarizes your notion of appetite for destruction. His Spirit has been replaced by a black hole annihilating everything in his milieu. His eyes only see misery and a loss of faith in Good. As you noted, this figures self-love keeps him from seeing the damage he is causing to others and more importantly himself. This is somewhat also seen in Ivan Karamazov, but not entirely. Ivan’s conscience of his inadvertent participation in his father’s death drives him mad. Ivan was still able to love others, and had a tremendous amount of compassion to others. His hatred of God is what prevents him from seeking forgiveness.

    The Underground Man is the most prevalent persona on the internet, especially in the anonymous forums and boards. These fallen men only exist to spew poison and their nihilism is extremely infectious through as it is often cloaked under irony, sarcasm and humour.

    Finally I’m very interested in hearing your thoughts on this, although I can somewhat prefigure your answer as a devout Christian. Recently, I read Carl Jung’s Answer to Job. In it Jung describes the story of Job, as that of the Old Testament God having a transformative shift seeing Job’s stubborn righteousness when faced with misery and torment. He describes this shift as God shedding his “shadow” that was created after Adam and Eve defied Gods instructions. After having shed his shadow, God arrives on Earth himself as Man’s redeemer Jesus of Nazareth. He later goes on to discuss how our quest for salvation is projected onto technology in modernity, where man believes that Technology is a sort of second divine birth aimed to redeem him of his sins. A very interesting and unique take, I recommend you give it a look if you haven’t.

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