Appropriation of Tradition in the West

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  1. Ante says:

    Excellent article, was a joy to read.

  2. Angelo says:

    Note to Self: “Conversion of the Will” as symptom of Cartesian fracture (the object choosing the subject; a metaphysical, and therefore ontological, philosophical, theological and, linguistic absurdity (?) — the benighting enlightenment, the sickness unto death, modernity. etc… The “Conversion of the Heart” as correlative to the conception of my religion choosing me; an accurate and proper metaphysic, and therefore… (?). The two examples of the “Heart” conversion cited in the article each correspond to the proper case of subject choosing object; although it would not seem on the surface that the first example cited so easily fits into the conception, it does so, nonetheless, and perhaps even more naturally recommends itself to the conception than does the second example.

  3. Matthew says:

    Interesting article.
    So many pitfalls, and yet…
    Conversion to Orthodoxy can be nothing more than an expression of spiritual consumerism, or an intellectual exercise, or even a romantic fantasy, but the hard business of keeping the fasts, of standing for hours in church, of confessing regularly and preparing for communion, if one perseveres, will – and this is the power of the uncreated grace of God – lead to the transformation of the humbled soul.
    As the author suggests, we can’t simply abstract ourselves from the situation and society we find ourselves in, and our cultural inheritance (and our inheritance from Adam, too!), by simply wishing it so. Indeed, our sanctification is by a lifetime of struggle (podvig) and impossible as long as we think of ourselves as anything but the worst of sinners.

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