Basic Notions of Metaphysics: Infinity and Indefinite

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  1. Jack says:

    Hi Branko ,
    I am having trouble with a very general question of sorts. I can’t understand what is meant by the word “Metaphysics”? Is it something impossible to wrap your mind about. It feels like I should phrase it as the “complete understanding” of the world. Am I on the right track?

    Why the opposition to it? I read that Vienna circle really tried to eliminate it practically. Why was the Modern Philosophies, like Analytical Philosophy so anti-Metaphysical? What is the relationship between Metaphysics and our Modern Science and Technology. Also how do you know something is Metaphysical when you see it?

    Also, is your fourth part of the Conspiracy of Enlightenment close to being finished. On the same matter, I was wondering, this modern Illuminati Conspiracy, that flooded the internet ( I heard it as a joke first)- do you have any ideas where from the internet it first started.

    No need to answer the stupid questions I put. (Only what you think is important)

    Thanks man

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