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Human rights and fashion orientations are related and are by no means easy matters. Let’s see how famous sineastic killers disscuss these questions in a civil and pluralist manner. 

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The rights of people wearing bathing suits and talking to microphone through hockey mask, eroded to such an extent untill eighties that man cannot but ask himself: “Where are we going?” If someone considers my emotionally charged question pathetic, if someone would say that I act as a bitter old lady, than allow me, after I put a bullet in offender’s head, to clarify my standpoint. I consider human right to be what the man takes his right to be. If it wasn’t like that I could not lead the postapocalyptical gang of highwaymen, pyromaniacs, rapists and killers for all these years. But, while formerly I did encounter problems due to my life-style and fashion choices – and, to point out in advance: they were all expected – in the form of occasional resistance on behalf of victims and myriad of insults sticking to me like chewing gum to linoleum, it grieves me that even now I am having problems explaining to some people that retro fashion of eighties is the right every self-respecting organized criminal could and should enjoy. Mass murderers of younger generations, although I respect their life-style choices, are bunch of physically, mentally and even emotionally immature individuals. Proof? No need to prove the obvious. Experience and common sense clearly indicate that our roads and highways will never reach the level of postapocalyptic quality, if they remain bereft of real, solid villains. My message to all of you who look, and hence think, like me: get out of your closets! Not everybody needs to wear bathing suit and hockey mask. We have welding masks, WWI. pilot goggles, gasmasks … in this sorry age of postmodernity, at least we have a choice.”


It is primitive and only seemingly logical to declare that “mask does not make a criminal”. Hannibal Lecter, highly pretentious and vain individual, got two sequels, supposedly by sticking to this rule of thumb. I, however, got, if I recall correctly, at least eight, not counting the remakes and spin offs. Does anyone think it is an accident? That people are fools? Such negative bias may superficially impress as being refined, like all sweeping judgments do. But on closer inspection, it is glaringly obvious that hockey mask is the summit of years of evolution in expression of important minority group. Namely, us: B, C and XYZ movie killers. If we long to feel the bliss of Cindy Lauper’s songs once more, and to win back creativity for younger generation, even if it costs us lower body count, we must return to hockey. With no relation to tradition, there is no evolution in minority rights. Without affirming the rights of minority, there is no successful slaughter of majority.”

Jason Voorhees

It is indeed sad that after so many years of activism, one realizes that struggle for human rights can devolve into banal competition for political power, mere urge to push one’s own cultural group to a privileged position. I remember the days when mass killing with no apparent reason didn’t serve to divide but to unite people. I remember the days when no one made a question out of someone else’s mask. I used to prefer the discreet expression, somebody else wore a gas-mask, some wore hockey-masks, and one anonymous artist even wore potato-sack. And nobody made derogatory comments. But now we see how, under the guise of political correctness, some among us try to further their egoistic claims. Why would hockey-mask’s wearing persons be privileged or, what apparently they understand to be same thing, why should they feel especially endangered? From the view point of history human race still haven’t reached the point when mass murderers will be accepted as equals by non-killer majority. We are all endangered. No less a figure than Charlie Manson is still rotting in prison, although he is very popular and loved. I got shot several times, burned to a crisp and occasionally run down by the car – so what? Nothing hurt, not even my pride.

To conclude! I find the aggressiveness of my colleges with hockey-masks derogatory towards those who wear something else, or indeed wear nothing at all. Why would Hannibal Lecter be, as they say, “vain” person solely because he invested in his education and is reluctant to wear a mask? I think that hockey-masks wearing persons are really still in closet, while the likes of Hannibal took their pride into the streets, by boldly exposing their orientation to the whole world.

Wouldn’t it be better then to tear down our masks, instead of fighting for our right to wear them with pride? Anyway, the most important things in our lives were always good will, kitchen knife, chainsaw and such. Isn’t that what unites us in the end?

Michael Myers

As you can see, human rights are only seemingly simple matter. With that in mind we can conclude that this little discussion could serve as an exemplar for any number of public policies. Why wouldn’t we, if for nothing else than for standards of civility, implement it in our schools?

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