Candles in the Wind: On Religion and Belonging

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3 Responses

  1. Mihai says:

    This is a very beautiful metaphor- this one about the candle.
    One thing about Eastern Europe which I learned is that here you can only hold fantasies about Übermensch and other such concepts for a very limited period of time before you go to the ground.

    Trying to live a spiritual life inside the Church in this time and in these lands can amount to a little “white” martyrdom- and it’s not me who is suggesting this, but a recently canonised elder- Paisios of the Holy Mountain.
    It is certainly a narrow path with the abyss of total despair on the left and the one of mental collapse on the right..

    • Angelo says:

      Rejoice that a man can still go to the ground somewhere and become grounded yet again… little left of ground, grounding, and groundedness here in the “States”. Yes, yes, become the Ubermensch to get one’s ass grounded! If only… If only it could be accomplished here. God! God, ain’t it needed

      It seems a path well worth traversing if its value can be judged by the awesome horribleness of its only opposition

  2. Istoriya says:

    Can a Western Protestant convert to Catholicism, Orthodoxy or Islam in an authentic way and belong in an authentic way?

    Or will it always be merely acting and spiritual consumerism?

    Because if to convert is to extinguish the candle burning in the wind and to lose one’s self and history then what does it mean?

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