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A Party for Scorpions 0

A Party for Scorpions

Why is it that sometimes life seems to be crawling, jerking and halting – as if it were a story correctly written in its syntax, but deprived of any deeper meaning? A story, therefore, that is not only boring, but also unconvincing. Is it because everything we know of this world is merely a “narrative” – a more or less convincing fairy tale for adults – intended to make our orientation easier and to ward off the nothingness?

Brand New Testament – Analysis of the papal encyclical Laudato Si 0

Brand New Testament – Analysis of the papal encyclical Laudato Si

Papal encyclical “Laudato Si” is a proclamation of future “Covenant of man with environment”. What does it mean? Knowing that Christianity already has a pretty obligatory Covenant with Someone else, Kali Tribune’s Department of Inquisition and Bad Theology Removal was tasked to solve the mystery. Gaia Akbar! We figured it out. Spare some of your precious time to read fairly detailed analysis of the document announcing the birth of the Church of Sustainable Development

Sustainable blues 0

Sustainable blues

Kali Tribune's Department of Broken Records and Doomsday Affairs got it's tentacles on newest iteration in the long line of UN's agendas to save the world on the brink of destruction. Meet Agenda 2030 and it's illustrious promoters: High Level Panel of Eminent Persons. Come along and sing some of that ole' sustainable blues with us.

Brzezinski’s distant mirror 1

Brzezinski’s distant mirror

Zbigniew Brzezinski's book "Between Two Ages - America's Role in Technetronic Era" raises controversies even now, 45 years after it was written. Here on Kali Tribune we'll revisit it to point out just how radical and insidious it's purpose is.

Business as usual – War in Yugoslavia and vintage New World Order 0

Business as usual – War in Yugoslavia and vintage New World Order

This is an article written in 1992. by acclaimed Croatian journalist and USA citizen Ivo Škorić, covering the ties of State Department officials, diplomats and businessmen with Yugoslav and Serbian leadership, in the wake and during the first year of the war that followed political dissolution of Yugoslavia. Anyone interested in the end of Cold War and restructuring of Eastern Europe should give this a look. Albeight highly emotional – after all, at the time of writing author’s country was almost overrun by former “brothers” with the purpose of eradicating or expelling it’s citizens – this article provides some valuble clues about relationship of Slobodan Milošević, Yugoslav state controlled economy and Army on the one hand, and some important representatives of American branch of globalist elite on the other hand – Eagleburger, Vance, Kissinger and others. The article was updated only once in 2001., but is still an essential, perhaps the only available, introduction to deep politics of Yugoslav War.

Scorpion’s narrative 0

Scorpion’s narrative

David Icke was duly pronounced "a nutter" for claiming the world is being run by lizards. Big deal. What would you call a man who claims the world is run by "doublespeaking" scorpions?