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From the Enchanted forest of Croatia, merry Christmas!

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A Traditionalist fairy tale which, like all Traditionalist fairy tales, actually did happen. Take the sip of wisdom from the cup of the late great Witcher Steph.

A little phrasebook of democracy 0

A little phrasebook of democracy

In the turbulent age of Kali Yuga it is so very hard to find one's bearing. Kali Tribune, bearing this lack of bearing in mind, embarked on the project of preparing a little phrasebook of democracy to aid it's readers in understanding both this age and their respective places in the midst of it. The phrasebook is a work in progress, so participation from readers is welcome. Comrades, the history is watching! Let us not disappoint.

Beings and appearances 0

Beings and appearances

Human rights and fashion orientations are related and are by no means easy matters. Let's see how famous sineastic killers disscuss these questions in a civil and pluralist manner.