Chaos Hypothesis

The so called “refugee crisis” is a premeditated act of social, or more to the point: demographic, engineering on unheard of scale, intended to completely transform Europe into a permanently boiling melting pot.

At the moment this article’s being written, the small patch of lush dirt this author calls his homeland, is once again in the focus of world media. The last time this happened, Croatia had, at any time during four years period of 1991.-1995., between 200000 to little less than 700000 refugees on it’s soil, unoccupied by Serbian army. Obviously, occasion for enduring media spotlight was not a happy one, and Croats, although massively fans of U2, never really succeeded in cashing in on victim status. Morally, this is a good – albeit accidental – thing: Bono, at the time still only transforming into a globalist prophet, picked the besieged Bosnian capital of Sarajevo to be a playground of his virtual compassion, ending the love affair with probably the worst gig in band’s career.

Now the spotlight is back, seemingly, for similar occasion. Due to obvious determination of neighboring Western countries to close, or at least provisionally fortify, their borders, Croatia is rapidly turning into geopolitical bottleneck, slowing the flow of migrants (Sic!) passing through former Yugoslav nations of Macedonia and Serbia into developed Western Europe. Croats are people with long history of singing Kumbaya while being butt-fucked, so deep down most of us already know how this thing is going to play out and are bracing for impact, while politicians and NGO activists are oiling their vocal chords. But for Kali Tribune’s Western readers, unfamiliar with minutes of small Balkan-cum-Central European countries, this article will provide two things: some on-the-ground information and a rather daring hypothesis concerning the causes of so-called “refugee crisis” and it’s true purpose.

Let’s begin with daring hypothesis. While you read these lines, there’s probably whole lot of catering, cleaning windows and dust busting going on at the seat of UN in New York as this, some would say:”useless”, institution prepares for celebration of 70th anniversary of it’s founding. However, it won’t all be organic food and soda galore. It will be a working celebration. Namely, from 25 to 27 of the current month UN will be debating the operative plan for implementation of latest in the long line of documents calling for sustainable development. We won’t bore the reader with analysis of this ominous term as it was already done in this author’s analysis of notorious Agenda 21 UN document. Suffice it to say that one of the UN’s obscure panels is submitting new installment in the tedious series of Agendas – Agenda to end all Agendas – the so called Agenda 2030. The purpose of this document is to provide a blueprint to finally make us all – and “all” means literary all people – sustainably developed until 2030., therefore in a short span of 15 years. Not to dwell on minutes of what really means being sustainably developed, we’ll just point out two glaring moments. Worldwide sustainable development means, among other things, eradicating poverty, not merely as a fact, but as an ontological category. In plain English: fifteen years from now, no one will be poor anymore. The other flashpoint is what concerns us the most in the light of refugee crisis. To quote the document:

“We recognize the positive contribution of migrants for inclusive growth and sustainable development. We also recognize that international migration is a multidimensional reality of major relevance for the development of countries of origin, transit and destination, which requires coherent and comprehensive responses. We will cooperate internationally to ensure safe, orderly and regular migration involving full respect for human rights and the humane treatment of migrants regardless of migration status, of refugees and of displaced persons.“ (Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, 29.)

unced1Two words in bold will suffice. Since when have “immigrants” turned into “migrants”, one may ask? Why, we all know that. It is since sometimes last year. Well, not exactly. The fact that you unintentionally and unconsciously started using the term doesn’t mean it is a consequence of natural transformation of your language. The term is prominent, albeit still not widely disseminated, in some old Trilateral Commission documents and, more recently in one 2012. document, a draft law devised by 5 members of international NGO, now presided by Tony Blair, called The European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation, and named „The Model European Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance“ . This charming piece of recyclable paper was already dissected on Kali Tribune, so now we’ll focus on it’s bare essentials. Implementation of Tolerance, if the law gets implemented in EU member states legislations, will essentially criminalize intolerance, i.e. any kind of speech, act and, finally, thought somehow offensive to the whole range of social groups, from feminists to, you guessed it, poor migrants. However, true purpose of this piece of legislature is to eradicate any semblance of the individual or person as a feasible subject of rights, and transferring the legal, but at the same time moral, focus on groups. In the Preamble of the document, the dignity of individual is presented as founded in diversity, i.e. his or hers – and by now probably ‘it’s’, too – group-based difference towards members of other groups. So, while until now group identity was properly related to social groups, in next few years we’ll witness the endeavor to make it a definition of individual in quite literal sense. You are bound to become a legion, dear reader. And it is no joke, it is this literal:



Namely, migrant is the term encompassing all people migrating from point A to point B, regardless of their origin, nation, race, gender, etc. thus encompassing and leveling all given groups. By interiorizing it via mass media, public is being accustomed to erasing the distinctions between groups, i.e. their respective identities. It may seem paradoxical at the first sight, but it is, unfortunately, far from it. The differences between groups, proposed by wannabe legislators, are not there to enable the people to naturally distinguish among themselves, but to make them easier to manage. This encompasses, above all, any semblance of particular national, religious or otherwise unique and individual identities of domicile population enduring the inflow of migrants because, as we know from history of demographical shifts, if people do not staunchly defend themselves against masses of new comers, they tend to become assimilated and eradicated as distinct group. So, here is the daring hypothesis:

The so called “refugee crisis” is a premeditated act of social, or more to the point: demographic, engineering on unheard of scale, intended to completely transform Europe into a permanently boiling melting pot.

Refugees from Middle East are a mean to that end. If we compare two documents quoted above, it becomes obvious that this crisis was predicted well in advance by their respective authors, whole 32 of them (the official guidelines for implementation of Agenda 2030 were originally drafted by 27 people). The thesis this author submits is that it was also premeditated, incited and at least partially controlled, by their executive counterparts managing the Euro-Atlantist Bloc and the Middle Eastern theatre of war. Curiously enough, dismantling of Middle East fulfills, albeit a bit clumsily, one forgotten prophecy from the last decade of past century. Namely, at that time media was frequently spinning doom & gloom predictions of what was then called “global warming”, causing rapid desertification of Middle East and North Africa until, you guessed it, second decade of 21st century. Never being ones to let the good crisis go to waste, even if it is an imaginary one, pseudo-scientific spin doctors projected that this eventuality will – you must have guessed it again – send millions of refugees into Europe. And this will call for rapid implementation of sustainable development.

Well, now. Imagining crisis is neat, but you can’t beat the real thing. And, lo and behold, we have a refugee crisis brought about not by imaginary global warming, but by very real dismantling – as academic shitheads from think tanks like to call it: deconstructing – of major Middle Eastern states.

Must be a coincidence? Or self-fulfilling prophecy?

To elaborate, let’s turn to the situation in the field. Waves of immigrants and/or refugees are coming in across the Balkans, and are, for some reason, often dubbed as “Syrian refugees”. However, in Croatia, on Saturday 18.09.2015., among some 20000 refugees, Syrians numbered no more than approximately 50%, as our sources in Croatian Red Cross inform us. The mass movement of people was formally incited, on the one hand, by public invitation from Angela Merkel and, on the other hand, by simultaneous action of Turkey, where most of the camps the refugees inhabited are located. Namely, there are indications that the boost in flow of refugees was encouraged by Turkish government in concordance with it’s NATO allies. Be that as it may, in the following months Croatian Red Cross has been informed to expect additional waves of up to 200 000 refugees pouring into the bottleneck of northern part of the country, which is, since Hungary has closed it’s borders, the only open route towards Western Europe and frau Merkel’s inviting bosom. It is already a common knowledge among Croatian Red Cross officials and activists that Slovenia will eventually close it’s borders, effectively trapping the refugees in Croatia, and they were already instructed to make ready winter quarters for accommodation of new waves of immigrants, who will apparently be forced to accept traditional Croatian hospitality indefinitely. For Croats, this is business as usual – just on the yet unimaginable scale since potential new comers from the East number anywhere between few to two tens of millions. Naturally, if such number of people moves towards Western Europe, no borders will stop them and they will effectively flood the Europe, which will, of course, incite chaos we still can’t adequately imagine, save it will obviously involve some live ammo gunfire.

So does this elaboration of on the ground facts help our thesis some? Seemingly, not at all. At the first sight elites behind UN and EU programs of sustainable development are caving in and trying to protect their respective countries from the promises they gave refugees just few days or months ago, and dumping them on the backs of struggling Balkan countries, the undersigned’s shit-for-luck turf being the “leader in the region”. Apparently, there will be no boiling melting pots of Tolerance and eradication of poverty as everything will more or less sink in the chaos, where only viable options will be standard “state of emergency” measures so dear to political Far Right.

Well, think again.

The dissolution of peoples in the melting pot is really not possible without that “boiling” moment. No one in his right mind can imagine poverty being eradicated worldwide in fifteen years. But who says that people who propose this are in their right minds? They are batshit, metaphysically, insane and it is the contention of this author that they know what is coming about and revel in it. The dissolution will happen in chaos, the Tolerance and sustainable development may very well be blueprints for society which will emerge from this chaos and which was probably meant to have nothing to do with anything we now call “society”, “nation” or “political community”.

The usual contention of conspiracy theorists is that presupposition of global endgame is that any kind of sovereignty or distinction between historical social units will be abolished. Well, we may just be looking at this right now. Why is it so hard to imagine that Europe could be dismantled just like Middle East was? Probably due to vanity of people similar to those who travelled first class on Titanic.

In conclusion, we have at least two documents with outrageous and implicitly sinister ambitions, one global and the other European in scope, projecting the future in a certain fashion. This future – this transformation, as the authors of Agenda 2030 call it, presupposes complete and utter destruction of existing respective social orders both in Europe and in the world at large. They are conceived and drafted by small number of highly positioned people and are determined to see the world transformed according to set time table. If you consider this author crazy, you of necessity consider them crazy too, because that’s what they proclaim as their aim. If you think they are unaware of refuge crisis, you must of necessity consider them less informed then average old widow from Croatian backwater. But, let’s be honest here. They are anything but ill informed. Those are people who consciously influence and mould education, media and general postmodern culture of Western world.

At the moment of writing this article, a prominent media image of refugees is a group of Croatian locals playing soccer with young Syrians, while most of the people along their path towards Slovenian border help them out as much as they can. There are some voices dubbing them “deserters”, of course, but as one young Syrian said to our source on site, you can join the NATO bred and raised crazies or be either shot or beheaded – there is no third solution, except to run. So acclamations of humaneness of Croatian people are ringing in our ears, SJWs are advising female volunteers to cover their heads as not to offend Muslims indisposed to legacy of feminist’s struggle, Magyar Government accuses it’s Croatian counterpart for letting the Europe down by letting the refugees in, etc., etc. It’s all, let’s say: manageable. But when the numbers of refugees swell and new waves of people start to choke the bottleneck, the things will take radical spiral downwards. And, naturally, something will break.

Taking everything into consideration, this author has an ominous feeling that in the next year or two he will watch the dissolution of the West from the front row seat. Not an enviable position to be sure. But if we take into consideration time tables set by globalists in their white papers and documents almost nobody bothers to read, it won’t matter much here anyway. Just a little more mud on your face and perhaps blood on your hands, than you would expect to get in “developed democracies”.

And, from the vantage point of Balkan, it could really be a kind of kinky pleasure to watch Europe finally get Balkanized herself.

Branko Malić

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