Dear Kali, I am change and I’m not happening

Dear Kali,

my name is Luana and I am a Truther. What is a Truther, You may ask? Please don’t take offense if you already know – I’m just adjusting to your feminine-dark energy, vibrating on completely different level from our masculine dominated consensual reality, providing you with gifts of righteous femininity and sublime insight, but depriving you of knowledge we positive people possess. While we are Yan you are Yin, at least that’s what I found out online. I know it’s suppressed info but, as my grandpa used to say, “Truth may be just a few clicks away from the forum thread you never read”, or something to that effect.

Anyway, being Truther means seeking truth and liberation of oppression, suppression, repression, compression and generally any and all pressions. We seek truth in everything we can get our mouse pointer on and thereby raise positivity in the energy fields of our lives. Also we tend to occupy things from Wall Streets to couches – as a matter of fact, I’m currently involved in Occupy Titanic campaign, fingers crossed it will happen. And this brings me to my question. Dear Goddess, why are things going downhill from 2012.? We are Change and Change is not happening. This brings me in awkward situation because, me being Change, it follows I’m not happening too. Is this just a phase in my spiritual journey or some kind of astral leach messing with me? So much positive energy to no effect. Please Kali, I really want to happen and if I don’t … why, that could mean that I don’t exist! What can I do to happen and change the world?

Namaste in advance

Dear Luana,

when Sudras are provided with sustained existence and higher education, everything just goes to … oh, never mind that.

I’ll be to the point:

there’s a manifest urge in certain number of people to save the world and humanity from fate worse than death. And to keep doing it on daily bases which is more or less what you call ‘happening’ while making ‘change’.

Is the world saved?


Is humanity saved?

Like Hell it is.

Why is this so? Some will tell you it’s because the Man is too strong, fog of deception too thick, people too manipulated – not long ago we called those ‘plain stupid’, but, for the sake of argument, I’ll indulge your terminology – and some will even go so far as to say that there are Archons preventing “global consciousness” from “evolving” to Kumbaya point.

Now, wouldn’t that be just peachy: idealists are failing because the power is too powerful to fight, naturally intelligent bipeds are manipulated into stupidity and there are even some astral-cum-aetheric goons offing the semi-enlightened souls midway on their ascend to the level of fixed stars.

You might rightly ask, what I’m talking about here. The answer is simple: there’s no more people ready to take to the dungeons, or are prepared to kill or be killed to make a soteriological difference, i.e. to do this thing you call making ‘change’ to ‘happen’. Those despised Communists, Nazis and Fascists were, believe it or not, the last people of modernity to exercise such habitus. Saviors of the world, dear Sudra, who really meant business were bloody minded, ruthless and, generally, despicable men (and occasional woman). Feats of bravery of your grand fathers were, on average, infinitesimally superior to anything you can pull off today. And all those demons you people shun were originally heroes of you grandfathers, who kicked the shit out of each other at their bidding.

But, Luana, you are not like that! Thou shall not kill and do any sentient being no ill! I know that. And you are not a follower. You listen to inner voice and not to great leaders you despise. Smallness is vibrating at quicker rate than greatness, so you want to bring about a revolution of Small – a big, universe size, revolution of little people. Your weapon of choice is information.

Well then, in order to locate the source of your problem, we must examine what were you doing when it occurred and why. That is to say, we must examine your means and ends.

First, the ends.

Revolution, because that’s essentially what you want, is violent upheaval in society. It is not violent primary because it employs weapons. This is completely beside the point. It is violent because it is an effort to reverse the natural course of things, ‘natural’ meaning the innate direction steering the ill fated historical moment in which the revolution occurs. Admittedly, all revolutionaries worth their salt know that they must exploit a crisis to overthrow the existent order of things, but that’s just a half of the story. The other half is that they as a rule exploit only a temporary and never a systemic crisis. Thus was in France of 1789., Russia of 1917. and thus was, believe it or not, at the end of the Cold war and in the wake of Globalization. This temporary crisis, be it economical upheaval, war, famine or rampant fat shaming, they then expose as a gateway towards “right side of history”. The violence consists in preventing people to peacefully endure the crisis and gradually let the things settle down in order to progressively move on. You see, Luana, revolution … er, change, is a retrograde movement. It exploits the crisis to destroy everything that withstood the test of time – the test of history if you like – and to empower the fringe, i.e. everything that was discarded by society. There never was truly popular revolution. It was always incited from above, more often than not to the grave dissatisfaction of the people. You see, to be a change that is happening, i.e. to be a revolutionary, one has to possess knowledge and financial means. While the first is best provided by criminal milieu, the second is not something you can gather in sufficient amounts via kickstarter campaign. Historically, most revolutionaries did the most natural thing – they knocked on the doors of the bank, more often than not one with Wall Street address. So, if you really want the change to happen, don’t occupy – knock. Ask and Ye shall receive. But you must prove that you mean business and that, my dear, is something you’ll find very difficult.

And this brings us to your means.

You are trying to incite the revolution. As is obvious from previous passage, you most certainly won’t incite shit. Better that way, Ye tender energy cluster, because revolution is a pig devouring it’s own young. Nobody ever started one and lived to see it’s end. Hence, change is not happening because you don’t have the slightest idea what the change means. But maybe you could make it happen blindfolded like – not knowing what you’re doing, but doing the right thing anyway. I’ve got an impression that this course of action is most appealing to you. Well, my little puff of aura, let’s see how your weapon of choice – The Information – fares on the astral market of truth vibrations.

Information is a matter made up into a peculiar kind of form. Namely, the form proper is active principle acting upon matter. For instance, your soul is the form of your body – not it’s outline, mind you – but it’s purpose. It’s the ultimate why you move, rattle and shake around. It’s not much, I admit, but that’s all you got. Information, on the other hand is the matter posing as a form. So if you take yourself to be a luminous energy field whose luminosity groves in proportion to devouring enough information, you can consider yourself to be a living, breathing database, but not soul. I think you won’t find this in the least offensive. You said it yourself: you want to make your life a positive energy field. Well, there’s shortcut to get there – you can stick your nose in electrical generator and let the God sort out your particles – but I suspect you are more into surfing the internet and sharing information via social networks, so we’ll skip that option. You see, Sudra, information is in fact a refined reflection of matter. Now, imagine the matter as sort of muddy pile and your mind as a mirror. What you see in this mirror is free from the thing it reflects but is still entirely material. So, it can vibrate, you’ve got that right, but it’s got nothing to do with anything spiritual or soul-like. My dear fluffy unicorn, you can vibrate all you like, but sub speciae aeternitatis it doesn’t really matter whether you’re vibrating on account of collecting correct information or by humping your boyfriend tantra style. The only way to use information is to incorporate them into knowledge you already possess, and any true knowledge is in soul, the substance which is not information; the substance I seriously suspect you don’t even possess anymore.

So what change can happen on account of being fed information, a process your ilk likes to call “connecting the dots”? Well, my dear lotus flower flavored chewing gum, I’m afraid nothing can happen, still less change, in that way. Do you really think the Archons of this world, Me included, would just let you be if you posed any serious threat? Moreover, would they let you be and thrive – and you are thriving, Ye luminous ball of ionized electrons – if you weren’t a disposable mean to their end? Well, you qua you are not that important – none of your kind is – but as a sum total of people trying to transform them into electrical fields, you are quite to Our liking. Because, you see, all those fields and particles are very convenient to Us. You mold and reshape, break and swarm them together, as if they were plaster or pile of marbles. People, real people, are not like that. They’ve got souls. And in order to get to them you’ve got to use all kinds of deception, extortion, argumentation and such. Finally, when you get to the point they are ready to surrender their souls, there’s a shit load of red tape: contracts, annexes, dealing with subcontractors, procurements, Divine intervention counter measures, etc., etc. But the human energy fields … well, you just plug them in and do your thing. And the historical movement every self-respecting Archon would nowadays be pushing is moving towards making people pluggable. By trying to make change happen you are neatly playing into it.

And so, my dear Incubus jailbait, I can give you a diagnosis, but not the solution. You are dissolving into particles, both as an individual and as a member of society. If you see this as a problem, I can’t help you. But I think it’s just a matter of positive thinking. You see, sometimes the dissolution is a real solution. Ending up as an amorphous superconductor of information is not so bad because, after all, you’ll be a change which is happening.

You know, like:


Namaste to you, too.

Whatever the hell that means.

Kali Durga

channeling: Branko Malić

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  1. peter korneluk says:

    Branko, regarding Paul’s and Phillip Collins’ vid on the Androgynous World Order, I protest their vilification of the Gnostics and proliferation of misinformation about them. Why oh why do you continue to be apologetic regarding the atrocities of the Catholic Church. The whole world has been tainted by their exceptionalism just like the United Stadiums of America. Please, Branko read “Not In His Image” by John
    Lamb Lash. Thank-you for allowing me to comment.

    Petro (Peter) Korneluk

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