Dialectics of Delirium: Was Garden of Eden Crisis a CIA Funded Regime Change?

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  1. Han Fei says:

    Ah Branco Malic, if the Catholic establishment instead of trying to, like a confused lamprey, latch on to the metal hull of the Eurocracy, produced more voices like your own, perhaps the modern world wouldn’t be in such a bind. We don’t have to look far, as I admit myself being afflicted with some of the forms of thinking that you described here. Now come to think of it, a lot of recent ideological trends adopted by the elites appear to have their origin from the below, i.e. fringe movements in radical social activism or the plethora of “scientific” organizations and institutions ever orbiting the state.

    So we have to ask ourselves a question – what happens when Harry meets Sally, i.e. a member of the so called decision elite comes across a radical extremist ideology which looks at the world in terms you describe here?

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