Do You Really Wanna F.. With Me Christiana?

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  1. John Cook says:

    One of those ‘memes’ was useful to me.
    I had recently come up against an exponent/victim of the incredibly stupid and, even more incredibly, popular ‘Flat Earth’ psy-op. This idea, marketed as ‘The Greatest Conspiracy of All’, has the effect of hijacking any interest in real conspiracies or anything that actually matters in its victims, leaving them worse than useless to the truth movement. Worse because the idea and its supporting arguments bring ridicule upon the whole idea of ‘conspiracies’ and the truth movement in general. It seems to be like a cult, its victims are totally resistant to any arguments, brushing them off with the idea that it takes an especially ‘open’ mind to accept and any resistance just shows how ‘indoctrinated’ you are and reinforces their certainty that they are ‘special’ and only they have the ability to have such a mind.
    Very sad.
    I did some research to arm myself for any debate on the issue by reading their main source document ‘200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball’ and discovered just how lame it actually was. It did contain a couple of stories (things like people reporting being able to see – ‘on a clear day’ – the light of distant cities that ‘should’ have been impossible) but it was mainly pathetically stupid stuff like mocking the idea that the atmosphere spins at the same speed as the Earth (we’d all be blown away!) and thereby claiming that airplanes should, if the earth was a spinning ball, go much faster in the direction of the spin and much slower the other way etc. I was quite boggled by the idiocy required to actually accept it and to not be able to see through its obvious logical flaws.
    Anyway you don’t need to hear about that crap, the point was that it put me in a state of despair at the prospect of trying to teach a silly girl (who was the product of the deliberate crippling of her thinking ability by the education system) HOW to think, what a logical fallacy is etc. I was thinking what a devastatingly effective psy-op it truly was. BTW My reading of that document left no doubt in my mind that it was not the work of a fool, it was deliberately created and tuned to the crippled minds of current young people. The author was shameless, he not only didn’t care that it was full of idiocy and logical holes but seemed to revel in it, to flaunt it. (Very Jewish in my opinion.) The thing that struck me was it was designed to create rage and despair in any sane thinker who read it – and it definitely worked on me.
    That was a couple of days ago – then last night I heard you, on the Boiler room read out that quote from NuttyYahoo and I suddenly realized that the target of the psy-op was not the brain damaged girl it was ME. It had the effect on me of going ‘Fuk You Nutty, I WON’T let you win, I WON’T despair, WON’T let you win’.
    So, I thank you Branko. You helped, perhaps inadvertently but still it worked.

  2. Maedhros says:

    Would you just please present us at least ONE railway engineer who had to take into account the curvature of the earth when laying down thousands miles of track?

    If you can’t, would you just please shut up!??

    • Malić says:

      Would you just please present me with at least ONE website admin who had taken into account a bad parenting as a cause of bad manners on behalf of stupid commenter when deliberating whether to invite him to piss off?

      If you can’t, would you just please piss off!??

      • Maedhros says:

        I’ve just politely asked a man to shut up after he called me and thousands more “incredibly stupid”, if he is not able to substantiate his pomposity.

        You have insulted not only me but my parents also, using foul language too, again with no substance beneath your fake correctness.

        Anyway, I will not go after your parents. From the third book of the Genesis, I know very well that no matter how good parents he has, a cretin (whose definition includes people too smart for their own good) will always find his way into the fall.

        Have you really fucked with Christiana, Branko?

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