Do You Really Wanna F.. With Me Christiana?



The annual meeting of World Economic Forum in Davos has reached it’s end on January 23., producing plethora of videos almost no one will watch and some documents almost no one will read. It is symptomatic for institutes of much desired global governance that their outreach towards the public, remains almost completely unnoticed by this supposedly substantial portion of humanity, no less than proverbial 99% of it. There is no room for surprise, however. The public announcements – letters of intent even – of global elite oscillate between exhaustingly dull and utterly bizarre. For instance, when we take into consideration the latest UN Agenda for implementation of sustainable development – an underlying policy blueprint for Davos Forum – we cannot but experience mixed feelings of drowsiness and bewilderment, a contradictory reaction bound to exercise negative effect on the nerves. So, for instance, when one reads that once again the world leaders decided that time for action “is now!” and agreed upon the document that will change the world accordingly, he can simultaneously feel his head involuntary nodding, not in affirmation of gravity of situation, but in obedience to the gravity of Earth. However, just a moment before the sleep ensues, he discovers that world leaders decided to eradicate all poverty until year 2030. The head now involuntary pops back up again in bewilderment, shattering violently that pleasant haze forming the threshold of sleep, an action bound to piss off even the most patient of men.

And so it goes on and on as if someone wants not to lull, but to shake you into sleep. I propose that this contradictory nature of mainstream globalist narratives is fairly consequent to it’s given premises. One could already notice this strange phenomenon of laying out the obvious contradictions before the eyes of the public in the course of presenting Agenda 2030 in September and in the consequence of COP 21 Summit in Paris in December of last year. While sustainable development Agenda was presented as “Agenda of the people, by the people and for the people”, which it obviously is not, because most of the people never heard about it and if they were, they would doubtless consider it quite against their interests, the Climate change agreement of COP21 was also dubbed “the people have spoken!”

Well, like Hell they did.

It is a common knowledge that supposed “climate change” – a completely content-empty expression – is not perceived as a problem by masses of humanity, despite the 28 years of relentless propaganda, and that it’s “scientific” basis is rapidly crumbling to pieces. The people around COP21 however declared the Summit either as a complete success or, with characteristic, sickening melancholy, merely a public relations success. The obvious truth is, it was neither.

So, what have we got here? Elites – meaning heads of international institutions, NGOs, states and few shamans and Indian chiefs added for good measure – repeatedly declare themselves successful in defining the crucial global problems and proposing downright crazy methods to amend them. On the other hand, it is patently obvious that they failed to convince almost anyone.

Are they crazy? Are they just naïve? Have they lost their way?

The answer is no. The media presentation of events like Davos Forum is fairly in accordance with political reality of the semi-globalized world, and one could argue that whole event is here just to provide the media message to be disseminated.

This media message is simple. Principally it says only this:

“No one can, nor should, do anything.”

It may seem awkward, bearing in mind all that fuss raised around Davos, UN conventions or Bilderberg meetings, both on the side of the mainstream politicians and media, as on the side of analysts of deep politics. While the first seem to consider their meetings a world changing events, the second take the bait and repeat the same conviction, only with opposite spin; while the former are acting as if they revel in their own wisdom, the later are acting as if they revel in former’s folly.

And therein lays the explanation of the message.

Contemporary media are not merely a channel for information but cognitive faculty of social system, fairly analogous to human imagination. It produces images which serve to form a dynamic world picture – a motion picture of reality. In that sense essential function of “major” globalist events is to provide material for imagination not only of masses, but of elite’s representatives themselves as both groups are participants in functioning of the system. This material is becoming so hollow, so deprived of meaning and so obviously contradictory that now we can consumate it literary in images with short bylines. This is perfectly illustrated by summary message of this year’s Davos Forum.

Namely, the conclusions were summed up and published on Davos Forum website in the form of “memes” – images of elite luminaries with their highlight phrases. Let’s consider a selected few:







These words, as well as these faces, mean literary nothing. We know it and they know it. Yet here they are, saying it, and here we are ridiculing them. There are people who buy into this idiocy – namely some specimens among NGO and Government employees, geeks and such – but majority of populous would just pass it by or ridicule it. Some may say that global elites are losing it and that their end is near, but nothing could be further from the truth. The “meme” approach to communication with public in fact proves that public is completely and utterly politically powerless, because the publicly visible representatives of the elites – stooges, as it were – are merely talking to themselves, as if no one else is there.

And I bet you a dime to a dollar that they know it.

The real politics of globalization is in fact completely clandestine by virtue of being completely and utterly played out in the public view, while at the same time signaling that no one can do a damn thing about it. The function of media – and this includes the most of independent media too – is to appropriate and disseminate this signal. It doesn’t matter whether you are pro or contra, approving or ridiculing. The important thing is that you hear the master’s voice and appropriate the message which necessarily contains an intrinsic contradiction. So, for instance, Christiana Figueres expects you to accept the climate change as an enemy from the great beyond, although both you and her know that it is not true. The very fact that neither her, nor anyone else among her peers doesn’t give a damn about the fact that climate science is in effect debunked – so much the better if it is debunked, makes no difference at all. It’s because you are expected, not merely to be fooled into accepting the lie, but to consciously accept it and further on consider it to be the truth. This is the summit of power liar can have over the human being and it is exercised with impunity over all of us. Real politics, i.e. real decision making is systemically denied to so-called public in Western democracies because the public is playing along – it consciously, reasonably and voluntary accepts the lie as the truth. In a sense, one could conjecture that future can bring only so much more blatantly open declarations of intent, so much more information about the deep politics events that shaped our world – a new 9/11 disclosures come to mind – so much more revelations of the method, a real method by which the world of the people, by the people and for the people is being ruled. The process is much akin to a game of flirtation, where more often than not nothing is said openly: the man knows when woman wants him, although their small talk, if put on paper, wouldn’t reveal this, and he plays his role well or bad. He always knows when he blew it or made it, although in both cases nothing will be openly spoken between them. Years later, if they meet again, they just might talk about the episode, reflecting openly on narration that was never uttered but played out in more or less subtle signals.

And this is how twilight language of clandestine rule works. Everybody acts as if he knows nothing, yet everybody knows enough. It is a game for two, mind you. The elites talk to themselves signaling that there’s nothing you can do about it – they are not talking to you. By participating in changes which happen in predetermined course, despite elections, media scandals and great revelations of insidiousness of intent, you play the game of seduction. And it is increasingly difficult to opt out of these changes. If one’s only worry is whether the food is on the table or not, his chances are nil. And most people are like this.

I spoke recently with acquaintance of mine, working in NGO sector. It was a small talk quite akin to what we have just described: we both know what I think about “mobility”, “outcome oriented education”, “transparency” and other simulacra she works 12 hours a day to promote with full knowledge that they are not exactly what they seem to be; also we both know, that she considers my defiance childish and continues to perpetuate the lie she knows to be a lie, as truth; my childishness consists in not accepting the reality of society we live in. But what is this reality, I might have asked her – breaking the game of signaling and bringing the clash to the surface – yet I didn’t. Probably because I think that deep down she knows, as well as me, that it is a reality of illusion – a voluntary acceptance of contradiction as a basis of thought, feeling and action. If I had broken the silence of small talk, I would accomplish nothing but added weight to her burden. No sense in doing a thing like that.

This is more and more becoming an exemplary attitude of people playing along, so before ridiculing the elite’s stooges do take time to think again. There’s really nothing funny in their soliloquy. The old communists repeated the party line to crowds keeping their tongues firmly in cheek. The global democratic society lets you scream and shout against the party line, yet it expects you to appropriate it totally, making it your own line of thought, with full knowledge that you are lying to yourself.

And this is the revelation of the method: we are all, to a man, supposed to become liars; in the first place, by lying to ourselves consciously and transparently.

As I’m really not well disposed for it, this is going to come out as game of seduction I’ll willingly opt out by deliberate act of clumsiness.

I’ll ask signaling elite person – let’s take that cute latina Christiana Figueres for example – the explicit question, where there should be implicit and unspoken going along towards desired answer.

So, given all those idiotic “memes”, which I’m supposed to take seriously, I can’t help but ask:

“Do you really wanna fuck with me, Christiana?”

Branko Malić

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5 Responses

  1. John Cook says:

    One of those ‘memes’ was useful to me.
    I had recently come up against an exponent/victim of the incredibly stupid and, even more incredibly, popular ‘Flat Earth’ psy-op. This idea, marketed as ‘The Greatest Conspiracy of All’, has the effect of hijacking any interest in real conspiracies or anything that actually matters in its victims, leaving them worse than useless to the truth movement. Worse because the idea and its supporting arguments bring ridicule upon the whole idea of ‘conspiracies’ and the truth movement in general. It seems to be like a cult, its victims are totally resistant to any arguments, brushing them off with the idea that it takes an especially ‘open’ mind to accept and any resistance just shows how ‘indoctrinated’ you are and reinforces their certainty that they are ‘special’ and only they have the ability to have such a mind.
    Very sad.
    I did some research to arm myself for any debate on the issue by reading their main source document ‘200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball’ and discovered just how lame it actually was. It did contain a couple of stories (things like people reporting being able to see – ‘on a clear day’ – the light of distant cities that ‘should’ have been impossible) but it was mainly pathetically stupid stuff like mocking the idea that the atmosphere spins at the same speed as the Earth (we’d all be blown away!) and thereby claiming that airplanes should, if the earth was a spinning ball, go much faster in the direction of the spin and much slower the other way etc. I was quite boggled by the idiocy required to actually accept it and to not be able to see through its obvious logical flaws.
    Anyway you don’t need to hear about that crap, the point was that it put me in a state of despair at the prospect of trying to teach a silly girl (who was the product of the deliberate crippling of her thinking ability by the education system) HOW to think, what a logical fallacy is etc. I was thinking what a devastatingly effective psy-op it truly was. BTW My reading of that document left no doubt in my mind that it was not the work of a fool, it was deliberately created and tuned to the crippled minds of current young people. The author was shameless, he not only didn’t care that it was full of idiocy and logical holes but seemed to revel in it, to flaunt it. (Very Jewish in my opinion.) The thing that struck me was it was designed to create rage and despair in any sane thinker who read it – and it definitely worked on me.
    That was a couple of days ago – then last night I heard you, on the Boiler room read out that quote from NuttyYahoo and I suddenly realized that the target of the psy-op was not the brain damaged girl it was ME. It had the effect on me of going ‘Fuk You Nutty, I WON’T let you win, I WON’T despair, WON’T let you win’.
    So, I thank you Branko. You helped, perhaps inadvertently but still it worked.

  2. Maedhros says:

    Would you just please present us at least ONE railway engineer who had to take into account the curvature of the earth when laying down thousands miles of track?

    If you can’t, would you just please shut up!??

    • Malić says:

      Would you just please present me with at least ONE website admin who had taken into account a bad parenting as a cause of bad manners on behalf of stupid commenter when deliberating whether to invite him to piss off?

      If you can’t, would you just please piss off!??

      • Maedhros says:

        I’ve just politely asked a man to shut up after he called me and thousands more “incredibly stupid”, if he is not able to substantiate his pomposity.

        You have insulted not only me but my parents also, using foul language too, again with no substance beneath your fake correctness.

        Anyway, I will not go after your parents. From the third book of the Genesis, I know very well that no matter how good parents he has, a cretin (whose definition includes people too smart for their own good) will always find his way into the fall.

        Have you really fucked with Christiana, Branko?

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