Dweller in the details

Truth be told, if we are to paraphrase the classical Bernay’s definition, public mind as dynamic plenum of images, attitudes and paroles by which the elite canalizes the activity of certain collective, is always suffering a bit of high temperature. In that sense the term “mind” should be taken cum grano salis, because the spectacle dangerously resembles the public debate among Teletubbies: mass of grownups, led by media conchos who just fell from Mars, fights for the right of every human being to it’s hole in the ground under the grinning sun.

Dweller in the detailsTelescope perspective There’s nothing painful or even bothersome in watching the masses lose their mind, if one observes this from Mars. People are griping together in tight groups and jump around making noises occasionally resembling articulate speech, while silent sage sits in the middle of his parcel on red planet, looking down on the spectacle, articulating the unpronounced verdict: “I am not one of you”. This is the insight assuring the regularity of his monthly pay-check when he writes his weekly social commentary for influential newspaper, ridiculing or promoting a retrograde or progressive attitude. Down there on earth, however, the contests are organized, much like those contests for preschool children where there must be no losers. The titles of ‘homofriend’ and ‘homophobe’ of the year are given, and both contestants feel like a winner. No doubt, everybody will soon have his mental lair well adapted and decorated. Only isn’t it all a bit strange? There’s something wrong in this moving picture, like some glitch in the corner of an eye. Maybe it would be good to resist this lazy relaxedness and take a closer look down. Give an eye to details, just to check who or what dwells in them. But, alas, as the hand moves to adjust the telescope for a closer look at the piece of dirt called planet Earth, and grabs the empty air, light anxiety in the back of our sage’s mind quickly turns into panic. Quick gaze from left to right only infuriates the creeping fear to an all-out onslaught. For parcel on Mars is vanishing in the mists of waking and man slowly realizes where he is. Here and now in the midst of human mass, and his voice is leading it’s choir. And no matter how hard you try, you can’t discern any articulate words.

This cursory sketch, although ending with awakening, doesn’t outline a dream. It fairly accurately describes the state of public mind, in this instance additionally warmed-up by public discussion on legalization of homosexual marriages. Truth be told, if we are to paraphrase the classical Bernay’s definition, public mind as dynamic plenum of images, attitudes and paroles by which the elite canalizes the activity of certain collective, is always suffering a bit of high temperature. In that sense the term “mind” should be taken cum grano salis, because the spectacle dangerously resembles the public debate among Teletubbies: mass of grownups, led by media conchos who just fell from Mars, fights for the right of every human being to it’s hole in the ground under the grinning sun. That’s more or less what the media incited, covered and concluded “public debate” comes to in the end. Well, if that is so, then let us add one more grano salis. For publicly regulating the debate by images and catch phrases, projected from designated media loudspeakers into the heads of the rabble at the foot of the pyramid, rather resembles public relegating of debaters. It is the sign that the Croatian spiral of degradation is catching up to global standards and Teletubbies will soon find out that, now as they finally integrate in the West, the Abyss is wide and deep enough to welcome them together with the rest of the world. It’s bottom – if such thing even exists – will be discovered by some future generations.

Actors and mise-an-scene Well, it’s good to know that sighs of quiet content are in abundance. While designated leftist slowly recognizes the importance of police in keeping the violent anti-gay protestors under the Government thumb, his Catholic antipode awakes to values of anarchy and “let’s occupy something”-style direct democracy, as populist Right braces for resistance. While the first is mentally preparing himself for the embrace with his own shadow, i.e. adjusting the freedom loving values of his youth to a moral approval of state power which progressively enforces it’s merciless politically correct pressure on fundamental freedoms, the other salutes the crystallization of directly democratic lobotomy which will provide any future oppression with much needed excuse of Blutt und Boden. This cointidentia oppositorum, enacted through unfettered raging of prophet-complex over the heads of silent majority, is merely a result of years of manufacturing the media, economic and political reality and purifying reduction of media, literally and public speech to a measure fit for control. In future, if citizens rebel over anything, someone will have to dig up the words articulating their shriek from the reservoir of collective unconscious, and casus belli of repression will be the fact that they are no concrete human beings any more, but media distilled entity ‘Croats’; in the words of two designated media idiots: cockroaches, homophobe monsters, Maria’s crusaders, keepers of the bulwark of Christianity, etc. Anything goes. As need be, of course.

Given that the situation perfectly suits media labourers by providing for their life on Mars, we



can rest assured that real people’s voices, as well as their names and motives, not only won’t be granted the right of public, but that they will lose the right of privacy as well. Once the man is convinced that his words are possible only in politically correct packaging, he’ll soon enough begin packing his thoughts too. And when that happens, there remains only language of Teletubbies.

The final crystallization of globally fashionable ex pluribus unum in Croatia is marked by political obligation of introducing the homosexual marriages. Those authors who declined to join the debate mostly point out that, in the light of other problems, it is a relatively trifle matter. Unfortunately, they seem to be unaware of context in which – and for which – this decision is being made, as well as they are unaware of the fact that when public life becomes the theatrical display, then as a rule mise-an-scene becomes infinitely more important than actors and their lines. For instance, even now, to all those vigilant left-bent opinion makers one interesting marketing strategy of corporate sector remains hidden from view, like those big letters on the world-map one always omits to read. We are talking about bizarre sports-like competition being a part of corporate, and even institutionally, sponsored Family day, called “baby racing”. For those who never heard about it or haven’t seen it in reality, baby racing is a competition in fast crawling for little a and b individuals, organized to the purpose of bonding of organizer, i.e. corporation or corporatized government institution, and families. Now, if we know that marketing is essentially exercise in manipulation for controlling the consummation, then only thing left in the dark is whether little toddlers crawl merrily to be rewarded by consummation or they are doing it to be consummated as a reward. Some perspectives of possible answer can be glimpsed on the other side of the societal stage. Namely, it is interesting to note how one point of Health education programme for elementary schools is in fact curiously fashioned to accommodate precisely this discipline. Among other things, Health education is aimed at combating obesity of future generations, therefore at resolving the social problem which, for all intents and purposes, simply doesn’t exist at present moment. However, while reading between the lines – in the details, where some strange things dwell – this author gets the peculiar feeling that real reason of institutionalized regulation of nourishment for kids is in fact training in efficient crawling for future adults. To add some authority to this proposition, we can quote the PM’s wife who, closely following the party line set by Michelle Obama, said that “… contrary to expectation, peculiarity of Croatian children is that obese ones mostly come from families of higher social status.” To interpret this jewel worthy of Queen Marie-Antoinette, the message is that, in the light of endeavours of Health educators, i.e. the striving towards American nutritionist ideals, the junk food of the poor is either not enough junk, or not accessible enough. That presupposes, of course, that they are to a tragic extent exposed to healthy and natural nourishment. Aware, as we are, that the problem will be solved by mass producers of junk and GMO food, we can contently turn our attention towards main characters in the theatre of day to day politics. For controversy about sexual education – which is, of course, part of Health education – is not so far as it seems. Early sexualisation of children is a good way to mould new generation of consumers. In that context, the only crime of the creators of this quasi-scientific educational equivalent of bad joke is that they legally oblige the Government to sign and ideologically justify something which marketing industry does for years now. It’s only a matter of packaging, you see. All the Government has to do is to put it’s stamp on already packed juvenile products with a ‘made in...’ trademark, so that later no one can say that porn industry, media and such are to blame. We are to blame, whoever we are; guilty or not. The education and training for sexuality becomes necessary because the sexuality is turned into a problem. And bearing in mind that it is an aspect of life prone to getting out of control, what’s more practical than to hypertrophy it for 10 – 15 years, and afterward propose the ready-made solution to regulate it?

Closely watched train The game of creating the problems in order to appropriately offer solutions is at work in the matter of homosexual marriages, too. Clear sign of the fact is spontaneous occurrence of binary divisions in the society, because the binary smoke necessarily points to a cybernetic fire. But we’ll leave the signs and omens aside, because things are quite self-evident. Marriage as such is a state that homosexuals will never be able to enjoy regardless of laws, good will or political decision, because it’s biological, social, religious, economical, political and symbolical being is essentially rooted in the difference of sexes. Glad tidings, however, are at hand for them, because society as we know it is sentenced to death. That sentence is not a result of unconscious strivings of (wo)man(transsexual)(queer)(etc.)kind, but the work of systematic and quite conscious and concrete political and economic decisions. At this point the author wants to dispel any notion of him promoting one of those crazy “coincidence theories”, circulating through mainstream media. We are not talking about civilization achievement, spontaneous maturing of society and similar myths. It is evident, to the contrary, that progress of titular maturing and civilizing corresponds to a regression into personal and social infantilism. The intrinsic discrepancy of the labelling and reality of the process of social change serves as it’s method, mimicry and it’s goal; the ever widening and deepening of the social divide. To really understand the meaning of the divide, it is opportune to dwell at it’s bottom, the very place this analysis comes into being and whose dwellers it addresses. The society being implemented on us will be of such nature that all those groups and individuals who missed the closely watched train of change will be efficiently discarded, i.e. marginalized to an extent that in foreseeable future the sickness, poverty and unemployment will become grounds for polite and tolerant death sentence.
Tight control and drastic culling of population – something the Third world could say a thing or two about, if we ever bothered to ask – are among priorities of global strategy of the Western world, and it is fairly certain that individual who as a baby failed to master the fast crawl is doomed to be efficiently trampled underfoot. In this respect, the legal status of the child still protects the nuclear family from the system. However, once to child, in accordance to redefinition of legal notion of parenthood into a purely technical one, becomes the individual a or b borne by parents A and B, there’ll be no more obstacles to turn the baby race into social obligation the parents, now rendered into unpaid custodians, won’t be able to reject. Splice this trend with aggressive invasion of technology into private and intimate life, and closely watched rave party can begin. The decision of legalizing the homosexual marriages give this fundamental current of social engineering the moral aura of struggle for human rights, deflecting not only arguments, but even the act of trying to penetrate a bit deeper in the details. In this it is aided by atavism of neo-Fascist reaction which in fact has no qualms with spreading the buttocks to an advent of total power, just as long as it’s penis has been tattooed with national insignia. With a bit of Vaseline smearing on behalf of Government, and they’ll feel fine, knowing that their behind is closely watched by clearly defined minority of mortal enemies. After all, they know that their moment for dominant role in that coitus comes with return of the right wing at the helm of the Government.
The nature of digital societal forms, however, for one who is able to discern them – and that’s anybody unable to conform to them – by itself excludes both opposed factions from serious consideration. They, for their part, in an honest quid pro quo exclude the discerning observer too, but it is exactly this act of servomechanism that reveals them for what they really are. From the position outside of fabricated mental ghettos, the truth is plain to see. Homosexual marriage is feasible only insofar the definition of marriage is changed to an extent that the marriage proper is abolished, which more or less equals: annihilated. For those who think that this is an evolutionary step ahead, never minding the simultaneous series of strides backwards, let us point out one more aspect of mies-an-scene.
If we observe the global scene, we must notice sharp contradiction between rapid decrease of rights and freedoms in the fields of privacy, labour and informal solidarity going together with even faster increase in rights of euthanasia, abortion and homosexual marriages. All those who think that these are merely things that provoke Fundamentalists of every ilk to reaction are missing an important detail. The tender murder, discarding of embryo and the redefining the marriage into oblivion are necessarily aided actions.

Who does the aiding?

Fine print in the details of new Social contract Well, surely not genius individuals, because academia is more and more organized to efficiently prevent them from existing. Even if it wasn’t so, the mass changes in society, if they are not spontaneous, are possible only by activity of concentrated economical, media and technological power. It is the power about which it is impossible to talk in plural, the power systematically rendering the worker into slave, the child into an idiot and citizen into consumer; the power striving to change biological fundament of life and turn it into propriety, to implant everybody with barcode with expiration date. It shoots you in the knee and shouts:


Well, all things considered, observing the people congratulating themselves on supporting the right of “every marriage” really does give man a headache. Take ‘em in, chew ‘em up a bit and spit them out, and they’ll leave you with insipid taste in the mouth. They accomplished nothing more than provide support to politics aimed at dissolution of society and not, as they seem to think, courageously aided the marginal group fighting for it’s ghetto and now striving to enlarge it’s borders to encompass the entire society. The all too often condemned oppression by majority is simply an oppression by other minority which could have been prevented years ago by consequent protection of general civil rights guaranteed by law. But where is the fun in that? The purpose of the whole affair was quite different. Namely, one particular group had been singled out and elevated to privileged position in order to subversively erode the foundations of those very rights. For truly, all the little a and b crawlers of tomorrow are to be equal, but that will be equality in misery. One who doesn’t see this simply still hasn’t realized that today it is not enough to read between the lines. One must live between them. How else to explain the logic oblivious to transparent divide between what is declared and what is being done? The ideal of absolute freedom, i.e. of transcendence of human finitude, and consequently his sexual determinations, needs a lot of outside “aid” to be accomplished. Problem being that the “aides”, in the form of centralized political, economical and technological power centres are not into charity, so the signers of the New social contract should really take a peek at the fine print. It probably says how much exactly does the abolishment of limits, which are in fact the origin and not an obstacle to freedom, cost. We won’t speculate much, but some figures do come to mind. The idea of conquest of death is seriously being marketed and Transhumanist movement has no qualms about it as a desired apotheosis of man. Well, that won’t come cheap. The fruits of new Eden won’t be for all, too. And when technology finally penetrates the body, does anyone really think it will be done to please the workers, students and average Joes of every walk of life; that it is all for their pleasure? Those who legalize absolute freedom at the same time relieve the people of their fundamental liberties. So if one doesn’t wilfully fool oneself, it is obvious that path leads ever downward.

In the end, we are left with clear image. Masses lose their mind under the smiling sun, and when it sets they crawl into their holes in the ground, furnished with plasma displays, dr. Oz, National Geographics, hundreds of sitcoms and other crap to pass the time while it steadily rushes towards death. There are shopping centre cities where cars are driving people instead of the people driving cars, and thousands upon thousands of problems to be combined into excuses as to just why does one feel so miserable and why does he feel there’s something amiss, not exactly knowing what it is. Maybe he feels a little better today because in TV questionnaire he supported homosexual marriages, and it provides him with enough faith to surmount the obnoxiousness and live another day? On the circumscribed parcel of absolute freedom, under the artificial sun, without strength to choose between good and evil now that they become one and the same; in the hole burrowed by his own tooth and nail to hide from his own conscience and bend over in the dark to it’s counterfeit.

So, that’s what it says, that Thing dwelling in the details, between the lines of paroles, phrases and boring stories of crisis management, change, progress and rights which no one can take away only because no one could really give them in the first place; whispering unceasingly all those words that breed vacuum. One could say He speaks in silence, like death when it reminds the man of it’s presence. But it doesn’t matter. Let us conclude. Let us leave the laid-back sage from Mars to pack his telescope, together with his words and thoughts, and let us leave him to earn his pay by doing somnambulism. For deep inside he knows, as well as any poor little man dragging himself around this piece of dirty soil, the only thing one needs to know about the Dweller in the details. Namely, that He always claims His own.

Branko Malić

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