Giuseppe Mazzini and the Religion of Nationalism

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  1. John Nugent says:

    Greetings. Thank you for your excellent essay. This is a topic which has intrigued me for some time. I share your regard for Guenon, by the way. I am an Irish Catholic from a “Republican” background and I have come to believe that the failure of the Irish nation to achieve independence is due to something in the nature of ‘Republican Nationalism’, and your essay confirms this. There was, indeed, a “Young Ireland” movement. This wikepedia entry gives an accurate summary of it, I think: .
    Your essay is, for this reason alone, to be much appreciated. i will share it with friends here who are interested in discussing these questions and I am sure they will agree,
    Thank you again,
    John Nugent

    • Malić says:

      Thank you, John

      I stand corrected on Young Ireland. I followed Webster Tarpley in his expose on Mazzini networks and forgot that he always stresses the role of British Empire in everything, so he notes that Mazzini would never act against it’s interests and found such organization himself. Although, Mazzini probably it came to pass spontaneously. The “Young” movements were everywhere at that time. I don’t know much about Irish republicanism, but if the IRA can be understood as it’s modern representative or at least it’s militarized branch, that was, at least by it’s modus operandi, typical Mazziniate movement doomed to fail, if for nothing else then for being open to manipulation from great powers. I’ve got a plethora of good examples here in Balkan, from Serbian “Unity or Death” to Croatian “Ustashe”.


      glad to be of help.

  2. Jack says:

    I get the sense that nationalism and materialism go together.

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