Holohoaxes and “New Beginnings”

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  1. Avatar Akira says:

    If it makes you so sick, why are you so involved in it?

    You hang out with the “worst of the worst” Truther idiots, to whom every single event is a “hollywood” controlled false flag.

    • Avatar Malić says:

      Ha, ha Akira, my friend. I was expecting such question. You judge people too harshly – dare I type: mercilessly. They’re not idiots, just walking the thin line.

      • Avatar Akira says:

        My question isn’t about them.

        If *you* are so sickened by conspiracy theory (your melodramatic complaint), why are *you* up to your neck in it? Why choose to involve yourself so heavily in something you find repulsive?

        Do you honestly think you are going to “Reform” Alex Jones Truthers?

        • Avatar Malić says:

          No reformation, of course. I’m involved with 21century wire, that’s journalism. And as long as it doesn’t try to develop into metaphysics it’s fine. Sometime right, sometimes wrong. I’m not ‘melodramatic’, c’mon … more Jane Austin like.

  2. Avatar Angelo says:

    And the Past, the Cause, God conditions the Present, the Consequent, the Devil in the World whilst each does battle for the heart of man; as Metaphysic feeds Dogma feeds Morality feeds Form as Rites and Rituals, just as the Consequent presents an empirically verifiable, and logically consistent theoretical, progressive dissolution (through duration of time and space) of Cause that eventually forges the future false, or inverse, fire of Nietzsche and Jung that compels the past to the present Now of Guenon and Schuon as each interminably literally, metaphorically, morally, anagogically feeds the other through existence by degrees – competing Wills, competing Narratives, each absorbing the other in One – where partial or whole adherence to one or the other or each at once ( ah, man!) at any moment of time in a man’s existence gives the lie to each separately, and proves the truth of each as comprising one. Do I have any idea what I am talking about? Probably not. But a damn fine article, nonetheless. Thanks.

  3. Avatar Vatroslav says:

    Sjajan članak!
    Nemojte zapostaviti tekst nauštrb podcastu.

    • Avatar Angelo says:

      Yes, yes. Do not confuse, nor do thou oppose, the two. Neither this nor that, nor red nor blue, coke nor pepsi. Be here now! Let it flow! They are One!

      Namaste! Ha-choo! Gesundheit! Good night!

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