Idiot’s Guide to Chaos: Some Passages from Dugin’s “4th PT” Left Untranslated Into English

Alexander Dugin has a strange habit of writing a book in Russian and than omitting a significant chunk of it – chapters even – in English translation. 


Because: dupes.


Transcript with additional a/v material:

Herein we commence the troubled labor of translating some of those pearls of wisdom from the treasury of Dugin’s “geopolitical poetry” he doesn’t really want Westerners to read. It will aptly demonstrate that Eurasianism or, which is completely the same, fourth political theory is intellectual food that can be consumed only after copious intake of alcoholic beverage.

I’ll venture a guess that no Western intellectual, newborn Amero-Orthodox Christian or alt righter can match Alexander Gelyevitch’s capacity for hard liquor intake which was required to write this dribble. No wonder he was obliged to spare them from having to go through the ordeal.

But there are other reasons, too. We’ll get back to that.

The amount of sheer lunacy is infectious and at a certain point it just isn’t funny anymore, so we’ll pick out only a few passages. The translation is from Serbian and it doesn’t closely follow the entire body of Dugin’s writing in the chapter at hand (he himself doesn’t seem to follow the order of his own writing, as strange as it may sound).

And if you were ever in doubt whether to support Kali Tribune or not – well, consider that going through Dugin’s stream of consciousness and rendering it into intelligible form for Westerners took it’s toll.


Eurasianism – Erotica of the People

(All passages are from Aleksandar Dugin, Četvrta politička teorija Mir publishing, Serbia: 2013.; chapter 11. Eurasianism (a political poem))



The first principle of the philosophy of Eurasia is erotic patriotism where the people steps forward as the absolute: Eurasian philosophy understands it as an ultimate value. But question immediately arises: what is “the people”? “The people” is love. (…)




The people gave us everything meaningful. It gave us culture, Russian word, thought-form, our homes, lands, therefore in the philosophy of Eurasianism “the people” is an absolute category. It is to be thought about when one raises from the bed in the morning. On waking up, one should say: “I’am Russian”. This should also be spoken before going to sleep – together with prayer, brushing the teeth, during the walk, etc. Only this one thing has significance.

Now he, the Russian, passes from one Russian state – waking state – into other Russian state – into Russian state of Sleep. This is how the Russian mental and corporal being of the entire immortal and infinite people sinks into sleep. This is what it means to “court the people”. It doesn’t mean to utter pure formality: “I love my people, I’m a patriot”. One should be intoxicated with his own people.

“Why?” – you ask. Because it is our people. It’s is such – therefore, we are such. We have no right to love ourselves as individuals. We should love ourselves through love towards the whole Russian people, through love towards “the Russiandom” in ourselves. Only such love uplifts, satisfies and bears fruit, all other acts of love are sterile. What we say of Russians, in certain sense, we can say about other peoples. (…)

Russian man is absolute to such an extent that we cannot comprehend the meaning of existence of other peoples. (sic!) “If they are not Russians, who are they then?” – we really do mean this. If we happen to meet some merry, extraordinary, say: Arab – the one who likes to take a sip or two from the bottle, loves a drink, that is – it’s enough to see one: “There goes a good man.” Of course he’s the Russian.


The boundaries of the people – geopolitics of luv’



Where the people end? We can pose this philosophical question if we move away from the thought that it is boundless, and observe harsh reality, inquiring about the boundary of the people. But this is not simple. Everything oozes with natural feeling that “the people” is boundless and has no end. Our people are, of course, boundless; as for others – we don’t know that, we can’t say for sure … yet, if we are to go into scholasticism: where does the people end? There where the other people begins. Where does the love end? There where the other love commences. (…)

We cannot comprehend “non-love”. There’s no world without love. (…) Therefore where love ends, there begins the other love.


Where does the people end? There where the other people begins. Although, from the Russian standpoint – Russian people being infinite – “the people” (Russian people, that is, KT) has no end. (…)


4th political theory epistemology – ignorance is strength



We are unable even to understand ourselves – therein lies our greatness

Therefore, first and major point of philosophy of Eurasianism is the following: the people is the absolute. Hence, if someone asks you what is Eurasianism, calmly reply: “It is an absolute love towards one’s own people, the love of love, conceiving the people as the ultimate value. There’s nothing higher than our people.” The others, we simply can’t comprehend. We can’t discern them. We’re unable to understand, to clearly identify the others. There are other peoples able to comprehend the others, but we are not one of those. We are unable even to understand ourselves. We are simply the people. And that’s it.


The living space – saving the squirrel of Eurasia



Russian Empire and Soviet Union were living realities. Both of them, ultimate forms of life (…) What we have after the dissolution of Soviet Union – that’s not a living thing, it simply a spatial simulacrum, and it will die. Take the squirrel, cut off it’s two paws and then observe what it’ll do. It won’t be able to reach the nuts and it’ll die (“sob … sob … stop it Alexander, please …”, KT), the same way the whole post-Soviet state model will die. Before we start dividing territories we should ask: “And you – lands, rivers, bays, forests, marshes – do you want to enter nezalezhna Ukraina or not?” Referenda’s should not be organized for dumbass people in front of their TV sets – for those ridiculous people, a veritable idiots, who have no historical responsibility. We should ask the torrents, the mountains, the waters, the rains. Let them vote. We should consider what sort of referenda to offer to torrents so they could give their opinion on major issues.


Spirit of the land – Eurasianism can diagnose and cure identity crisis in geological formations



 In Srbija in 1992. I met a detachment of Serbs and by that time Serbia was already betrayed by all. When we stopped I asked them:

“Where are you going and why?

We are going to take that mountain there.

What you need that mountain for, there’s nothing there, or is it maybe a strategically important site?

No, it’s not, there’s nothing there (Empire of Dasein, KT), neither water nor electricity but that’s our, Serbian, mountain”


Why they went there? One could think: fools, funny people. Don’t they realize that living is beautiful – you can eat, sleep, walk, read, chase off mosquito (???, KT)? But they are investing their own lives into mountain, because mountain called on them. It said:”Boys come here, come. I need your deaths. I need your fiery Serbian blood to wash my slopes. The mountain spoke, and they understood its call. That’s righteous and that’s no insanity (it’s probably an eurasianity, KT)

No one needs that mountain but it’s a Serbian mountain (although it is in Croatia, as no military engagements before NATO intervention were happening in Serbia, only adding an insult to injury to poor mountain which was already suffering from identity crisis, KT). All Serbs understand this. (…) They say: “that mountain is a part of our collective, it’s our comrade, it’s called so-and-so, and we are going to help it” (tough luck, it’s still in Croatia, KT)

Therefore, the other element of Eurasian philosophy is the spirit of the land, the faith in the spirit of the land, reverence for the spirit of the land, dialogue with the spirit of the land, cult of the spirit of the land (Un-Ortho-doxy, KT)


Transcendental argument of Eurasia



(…) Everything the Eurasianism talks about is the absolute truth and it should be accepted uncritically. It should be accepted and repeated. (…)


Eurasia and Europe – tough love


The Europe for Eurasians is absolutely negative category which can be known and loved as one could love, for example, damned souls in Hell. (…) So we can love Europe as we can love alien incurable sick men, lepers, hoodlums, villains, scoundrels. We can love it, but that’s a special, Eurasian, kind of love (tough love, no doubt, KT)

And on and on he goes … the penetration of Europa, the people (Narod) making love to itself, Russia as an ontological given, the absolute Fatherland … the Eternal East … the deep wells of the Western exile …

Lunacy, drunken delirium (very possibly literal) of sexually charged emotions towards geographical formations, Heidegger, Logos

And, of course, don’t forget the Chaos.

Because that’s what this all is. And I won’t waste any more time and space on it save for the sake of those people in the West who want to take a vaccine or an antidote for Duginitis chronica. They can email me with questions about the subject.

So to conclude: Dugin is a nutcase with some backing from Russian high politics and finance. He doesn’t translate his books in English in their entirety because he and his minions are well aware that anyone with an ounce of brains would figure them out as dangerous lunatics – or Eurasianists, which amounts to same. The Fourth Political Theory in it’s Westernized version is not the same as the original – the former, of which I already wrote, is an exercise in philosophy of LHP Satanism, apparently calculated to appeal to some people on the Western Right – while the later is an exercise in warped Russian nationalism, driven to very metaphysical extremes Nationalism can reach, and also an exercise in philosophy of LHP Satanism.

The other Dugin’s books, like Elements of Geopolitics contain some concrete aims and policies their author would like to see implemented against the West. Suffice it to say that if he would like Elements to be translated in English and find amiable readers, he would have to ditch all the text save the front cover and impressum.

We’ll revisit this saner, or better to say “colder”, aspects of Dugin’s totalitarian nihilism in the future. However, only in the context of his place in the general currents of chaos oriented politics of the age – that is, together with some of his Western cousins with whom he shares a passionate love for Chaos (Albeit, they generally don’t share his erotic sentiments towards geological formations).

And to put things into perspective, compare Dugin’s outbursts with astonishingly similar outbursts of his newfound buddy Alex Jones in the wake of the inauguration of Donald Trump:

This is going to be a new mainstream very soon. And it’s more or less the same thing as what Dugin pours on paper with a benefit of Westerner’s ignorance of Slavic languages.

It’s Chaos.

Revel in it if you like or denounce it. There’s no third option.

Finally, I just want to point out that Alexander Dugin is a lunatic and anybody taking him as a relevant source of learning anything other than how to justify and perform a sociopath crime on mass scale is either duped or a lunatic too. The face he shows you when you read him in English or watch his lectures is not his only face.

And I’m frankly astonished that I have to point this out to the audience of grown up men and women, namely the fact that talking head one is listening to could be a two-faced liar who is laughing at him when he looks the other way.

Alt media has won …

Like Hell it is.

Chaos won. Chaos is the new mainstream.


Branko Malić


Note: John Morgan of Arktos assures us that there were no alternations of Dugin’s Russian texts published by Arktos.  And we’ll take him for his word. But as Alexander Dugin is always eager to point out to Serbian public: “We and you are the same!”, this seems rather immaterial. Furthermore, if we know that, for instance, Iranian edition of “Fourth Political Theory” lacks very important appendix, “The Metaphysics of Chaos” then one is led to an uneasy conclusion that there are more Dugins in this world than we initially thought.  Two would be a crowd. This text, and we’ve translated cca 20 % of it, seems to be custom made for the sentiments of extreme Serbian nationalists. 


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21 Responses

  1. John Morgan says:

    Whether you like Dugin’s work or not is your own affair, but as the one who has supervised the translation of most of Alexander Dugin’s books, including The Fourth Political Theory, into English, I can assure you that the translations are always made directly from the Russian editions. Dugin has never once asked us to excise anything from them, and we have certainly never removed anything ourselves. If the passages you quoted above aren’t in the English edition, then they must have been added to the Serbian edition.

    • Malić says:

      Fair enough mr. Morgan. I’ll make a note.

    • Wahid Azal says:

      Forgive me if I say one should not believe a single word uttered by John Morgan. Morgan is an interested party, not to mention one of the most dubious characters in the whole of the alt-right (rumored by some to be a CIA operative in Europe), and is talking on behalf of his employer Arktos who has published the English translation of Dugin’s 4PT. Morgan also does not know any Russian, so his assertions here are worthless. I can, however, vouch for the fact that Dugin’s translators in other languages do regularly omit passages and entire sections from these translations. A case in point is the Persian translation of 4PT which has without any explanation omitted the entirety of Appendix 2: The Metaphysics of Chaos. The reason for such omission in the Farsi edition is obvious, since if Dugin’s hosts in Iran — particularly in Qom — were to learn first hand about this section, it is doubtful Dugin would be able to ever set foot in Iran again.

  2. robber chih says:

    Thanks Branko, had me in stitches there.

    chaos is the bastard son, the prince, coming home to claim his own from the age of modernity. One might substitute chaos with terrorism, same conclusion.

    This is surely moving to the mainstream. Talking heads, avatars, messengers of the prince to announce his rule.

  3. Wahid says:

    I remain somewhat incredulous about John Morgan’s clarification here because it sounds awfully like it is an attempt by Arktos at damage control. To my knowledge, John Morgan does does not know any Russian whatsoever. Second, the main translator for Arktos’ English translation of 4PT was Nina Kouprianova, the former spouse of Richard Spencer, with some input given by Mark Sleboda (who is not a native Russian speaker; she was the main translator of the final draft, since his first attempt at translating it became a total dog’s breakfast of an attempt). If any clarification needs to be given, it needs to come from Kouprianova since John Morgan wouldn’t know whether those passages are in the Russian edition or not since, and the point should be reiterated again, he does not know Russian. Second, there already exists an established trail of deliberate omissions made in translations of Dugin’s 4PT. I speak specifically here of the Persian translation of Dugin’s 4PT which has completely excised the entirety of Appendix II: The Metaphysics of Chaos. Given this, I would take John Morgan’s statement above with modest grains of salt.

  4. Elric-ofPervatorio says:

    You forgot one other probable source for Dugin’s delerium– sleeptalking, after copious ingestion of grain alcohol, and the passing out, the muttered phrases may be garbled, but all the better for the purpose which waking Dugin espouses.

  5. Akira says:

    Most of Dugin’s important works have been made available on the Internet for free by Dugin himself, so the assertion that he is trying to “Hide” something is just more of your BS. The fact that you can’t find anything scarier to a western audience than the above also demonstrates what a sad lazy hack you are. Nothing you quoted here would be in the least bit surprising to any real student of Dugin, and none of it corroborates your imaginary charges against him, so what is the point, other than making idiots out of yourselves again?

    You and Wahid Azal are the perfect pair, and I am sure he would just love to personally initiate you into his “left hand path” Crowleyism with some DMT and his favorite XI° techniques…

    • Malić says:

      Nothing you quoted here would be in the least bit surprising to any real student of Dugin, and none of it corroborates your imaginary charges against him

      That’s why students of Dugin are usually, if not always, scumbags, QED. Dugin made a lot of crap available in all languages and occasionally shows his true colors in public because he’s a nutcase and cannot help it. And, on that note, that is scumbag/nutcase connection, I declare you might be a one Dasein that reached your master’s great synthesis. Because that’s what 4PT is. And only real argument for it, sans insults, is military power which no one of you, luckily, have. But that can change, ha, ha. Just watch out Akira – I know for a fact that people defending their homes from nutcases are merciless too.

      Now, scumbag, get out of my face because you outstayed your welcome.

  6. Han Fei says:

    I can’t help but view Dugin as a half-serious figure, which I’m sure is what he intends for many to take him as, given his absurdly contradictory behavior in past and present. There is even some suspicion among his countrymen that he’s actually a high grade professional troll.

    «Я за черных. Белая цивилизация — ее культурные ценности, лживая, антигуманная модель мира, построенная ею — не оправдала себя. Все идет к началу белых погромов в планетарном масштабе. Россию спасает только то, что мы не чисто белые. Грабительские транснациональные корпорации, угнетение и подавление всех остальных, MTV, голубые и розовые — вот плоды белой цивилизации, от которых надо избавиться. Поэтому я за красных, желтых, зеленых, черных — только не за белых. Я всем сердцем на стороне народа Зимбабве.»

    “I am for the blacks. White civilization, its cultural achievements, its lying, anti-human model of the world, constructed by it, did not validate itself. Everything is heading towards the beginning of anti-white pogroms across the planet. Russia will only be saved by [the fact] that we are not purely white. Thieving international corporations, persecution and suppression of all other races, MTV, the blue and the pink, these are the fruits of white civilization which need to be gotten rid of. That is why I am for the reds, the yellows, greens, blacks – only not for the whites. I am wholeheartedly on the side of the people of Zimbabwe.”

    No argument there.

    In other words Dugin appears to deliver the kind of language his presumed audience wants or expects to hear. To those who want to either accuse him (or positively identify him) with Satanism, he’s a Satanist, to those who see him as a fascist, he’s a fascist, those who want to believe he’s an pious elder, he’s a pious elder, those who see him as a harmless clown, he’s a harmless clown. He’s everything for everyone and ultimately nothing in himself. A perfect mask.

    And this is the kind of person the alt-right heralds as one of its intellectual influences.

    On the subject of the Russians, I’m more concerned about Tikhon (Shevkunov) and other high placed conservatives who have Putin’s ear. I don’t necessarily view them entirely negatively, but it’s a big question mark into which direction they can lead Russia. I am ambivalent towards the Russian Orthodox – on one hand they represent the last vestiges of a truly traditionalist Christianity, on the other hand they are closely tied with Russian national chauvinist and big power imperialist ideologies and circles embodying such ideologies in the Russian power elite. If one can balance out the other then all will be fine, if not, then the political climate in Russia might just as well be ideal for “Dugins” to breed, ala in Moscow 2042.

    • Malić says:

      “In other words Dugin appears to deliver the kind of language his presumed audience wants or expects to hear. To those who want to either accuse him (or positively identify him) with Satanism, he’s a Satanist, to those who see him as a fascist, he’s a fascist, those who want to believe he’s an pious elder, he’s a pious elder, those who see him as a harmless clown, he’s a harmless clown. He’s everything for everyone and ultimately nothing in himself. A perfect mask.”

      That just about sums it up.

      This is to date the most complete book in English on Eurasianism (traditional and new), National Bolsheviks, Dugin and even Tikhon gets a mention:

      Regarding the late and post-Soviet era individuals and political movements, it is based mostly on authorized interviews so you can easily discern the facts from author’s liberal bias.

    • Mihai says:

      It seems to me that it is quite clear that Dugin is the perfect chameleon and that he knows how to adapt himself to circumstances- if he were a salesman he would have done the perfect job to sell everybody the most useless product imaginable- but then he would have been a lesser evil.

      In politics the “ends justify the means” has at all times been used, although there have been more stricter limits as to how far you could go. Problem is with Dugin the ends are as dubious as the means.

      I would really like to hear from Western Christians how they can justify Dugin’s “Metaphysics of chaos” or his endorsement of post-modern gender theory. How is Dugin Orthodox in light of this?

      As to your ambivalence towards the Russian Orthodox, I think you are wrong in calling it “the last vestiges of a truly traditionalist Christianity”. I am from Romania and I tell you for sure there is still life here. I would also venture to say the same for other Orthodox countries. One reason is because it is wrong to conflate or reduce Christianity/Orthodoxy to its institutional manifestations. The history of the Eastern Roman/Byzantine Empire has taught us time and again this lesson.

      • Malić says:

        I would really like to hear from Western Christians how they can justify Dugin’s “Metaphysics of chaos” or his endorsement of post-modern gender theory. How is Dugin Orthodox in light of this?

        If you mean “Western-Eastern Orthodox Christians” the argument against my critique of this was that I employ “flawed Thomist logic” and “don’t understand Orthodoxy”. I guess they think Dugin’s chaos theory is some kind of apophatic mystagogia. As for gender theory, I’m ashamed to say that current Pope of Rome could find a plethora of arguments for it. But, other than that, Catholics generally don’t fall for Dugin so eagerly as far as I could see.

        • Mihai says:

          Well, we shouldn’t generalize. I have seen different blogs on the internet with Orthodox Christians who do not fall for Dugin nor his type of ideas. Those who do are the exception, not the rule, though it is still a mystery for me how. In the case of the person you cited above, I believe he simply ignores the nasty aspects or comes up with some mixed-up justification.

          In my opinion, Dugin will finds his main adherents among Christians, but is generally confined among the New Right type and the Traditionalists of the Evolian variation, esoterists, neo-nazi occultists etc.
          There are of course the so-called “perennialist- Orthodox” of the Schuonian type but I wouldn’t see them as proper Orthodox since they hold completely heretical views on the Trinity and Incarnation.

          • Mihai says:

            Correction to what I wrote above “In my opinion, Dugin will finds his main adherents among Christians”

            It should read: In my opinion, Dugin finds his main adherents NOT among Christians […]

            Disastrous typing…

      • Han Fei says:

        I should have clarified it that I meant Orthodox Christianity in general and not just the Russian Orthodox Church. That the ROC often serves the interests of a state and an imperial ideology doesn’t change the fact that Orthodox Christianity is living, breathing entity whose experience developed over hundreds of years, and much of that life occurred within the borders of Russia. Therefore the achievements that the Church can claim in there should be seen as a legacy common to the rest of the Christian Ecumene. At least that’s my idea, I don’t want to push anything on others.

        Mr. Malic, I appreciate the link to the amazon book, but pardon me for judging a-priori that getting an accurate view of the Russian intellectual sphere from an author with a liberal bias, who often wants to contrast it in polar terms with his enlightened liberal western world view, is like learning Christianity from a fedora hat redditor. From my experience, most of these books are one sided and childishly ignorant (much like the bulk of Richard Pipes’ work) reading them reveals more about the author rather than the subject. It’s possible to make the reader draw just about any conclusion about a subject by drawing the “right’ selection of passages. I admit it’s impossible to form an accurate picture of the works of Dugin just from the many, many silly quotations of his that we can easily dig up. However I can assure you that the legacy of Russian cultural conservative thought is far more expansive than Dugin, and its principal themes carry weight and are consistent, even though one might in some respects, find them highly disagreeable.

        • Malić says:

          Mr. Malic, I appreciate the link to the amazon book, but pardon me for judging a-priori that getting an accurate view of the Russian intellectual sphere from an author with a liberal bias, who often wants to contrast it in polar terms with his enlightened liberal western world view, is like learning Christianity from a fedora hat redditor.

          Ha, ha … I see your point, although this is an author of older generation and the book is valuable for first hand informations, not so much for explanations.

          I admit it’s impossible to form an accurate picture of the works of Dugin just from the many, many silly quotations of his that we can easily dig up.

          Actually, I think it is.

  7. Elric-ofPervatorio says:

    Dugin’s emphasis on erotic geo-hydrology is a revelation indeed; his English translated writings on “realizing the last thought of God” and the ” dawn of love at end of the World” might contain fumes of incense for Western converts, yet the Serbian passages clearly indicate he’s reached full-on Native American Role Player mode, not an easy achievement for one steeped in latter day classics like Mackinder and Derrida.

  8. Silent says:

    Keep up the great work, Mr. Malić! Voices like yours are needed in these insane times. I would have donated if I had anything to spare, but my budget is tight these days

    I used to be one of those who were fooled by Dugin and the New Right, but if have learned to stay detached from these silly games now.

    The rotation towards the untrue right and nationalism that we see in the world today is, from the metaphysical and eschatological perspective, just another phase in the dialectics of counter-traditional subversion by means of counterfeit and redirection of the energies of the masses into yet another false answer. The End Times roll on, and the “awliyah al-Shaytan” laugh from the shadows.

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