Learning of Ignorance: Anouncements and Answers to Questions

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  1. Avatar Han Fei says:

    What about Askold and Dir? Vladimir the Great? The bandits on the cross? Even in the modern times we had surprising turns to faith, from people who took a diametrically orthogonal stance throughout their entire lives. John von Neumann and Ernst Junger spring to mind. Were their conversions doubtful? Must one have several generations behind them before becoming Christian? I cannot agree with you although I understand where you are coming from.

    I’ve been listening to Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnston lately. He very much embodies many of the issues you’ve been speaking about for many years. His way of thinking is after all things, thoroughly American, with hints of puritan antinomianism showing through at times. Still I value his zeal, his depth of knowledge and his almost ingenious ability to explain complex concepts that were not so clearly understood to a typical layperson. Most importantly his radicalism can be understood in terms of what it speaks to people living in the Western world and having to deal with the consequences of a society drenched in nominalism to its core, alienated from true principles on every level.

    I think the human mind is limited precisely in that it perceives itself to be essentially unlimited. Even if one subscribes to the notion that the mind is nothing but the consequence of neural activity stemming from the physiological nature of our brain, our own daily experience of living informs us otherwise – there is nothing “natural” about the way we think and perceive the world. We don’t perceive ourselves as disparate grey matter or neural connections or some other part of the physiological activity of our organism, but as ghosts in the shell, as spirits inhabiting a body, of whose workings we are largely oblivious except in times of disease and pain. That is why human beings have such a hard time understanding and accepting the world as it is. God is not like that. God’s mind is at once conscious and deeply natural, in the sense that it is what is real, what is there before you, as opposed to the product of some abstract logical ratiocination. We can feel his presence as we interact with reality, and especially in times when the dice is rolled so to speak, that is to say, in times where our awareness of what is going around us is intensely amplified. What Heidegger perhaps referred to with his “sorgen”. Which is why even atheists scream “Jesus Christ” when they suddenly see a spider crawling up their arm.

    Branco, you have the benefit of living in a country that wasn’t yet touched by the benefits of “progress” and secularization, though I’m sure your local EU paid bureaucrats are very hard at work to raise your next generation in homonormative values of global corporate society. You have lived some time in Ireland I presume, you have seen it all, yet you came back home and that was that. But what about those of us who have no home to return to? Who have no rootedness, no connection with the ancestral land and ethnos, moreover whose places of ethnic origin have had that extirpated from them to such an extent that even returning to them would make us seem foreigners in a strange land?

    That means if the world becomes too much, you can always go back to a local village where the locals can always show you what “normal” society is like, because nothing has changed there, and blood, people, soil and faith are incontrovertible from one another. But keep in mind that this is not a luxury that most people living in the West have.

    Those who understand the truth behind the world, who learned to love it in their hearts, can’t perceive modern society and civilization, especially the kind that prevails in the west with anything but opposition at every level. What the west considers as freedoms we spit upon as shackles. What the west considers are human rights we see as affronts to the dignity of the human persons. What the west considers to be the foundation of its progress and moral values we see as nothing but an inversion, a sick parody of what these terms truly mean. There is no normalcy for us to turn to, there is nowhere for us to run away. The Shire is thousands of miles away and this is Mordor, where only shadows and infernal smokestacks remain. The only thing we can do to protect the memory of our lost homeland is to take up the sword. Not to engage in some stupid criminality mind you, but internally set ourselves apart as opposition to this world, with the full realization of our intent to fight it to the death. I want to emphasize that I’m categorically against any extremist political movement or violent illegal activity whatsoever, but rather a quietist ascetic struggle and separation from the “world” in mind, body and spirit. But this does not entail some rootedness with some real or imagined ethnic origin or culture no matter how much we want it, which is why I am critical of the “white nationalist” movements for trying to forcibly bash a culture and ethnic identity out of a disparate edifice of rotting bones and empty egg shells. What I’m saying is that Western Christians, Muslims living in the west, or anybody who wants to live their life according to genuine traditional principles can’t help but be in a sense a convert, someone who yearns after a centering without possessing it himself. We are the bandits on the cross of our generation who have no existential connection to any higher order or truth other than the examples set forth before us. We see no other genuine outlet for our faith but dialectical struggle. To you Christian tradition may be readily felt as the natural order of things, to many of us, it can’t help but appear as revolutionary.

    That said I wouldn’t mind very much at all if you were to invite MRJ as a guest speaker on your podcast once in a while – both of you are immensely knowledgeable people and it would be interesting to see where your views coincide and where they intersect.

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