Making Manifest of What Was Hidden: Abortion and Infanticide

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2 Responses

  1. Mihai Marinescu says:

    Each time I see that infanticide article – “peer review”- I cannot cease to be amazed of what passes for “philosophy” these days.
    The article is very consequent from premise to conclusion, true, but the terms used and how they are defined- for example that “potential person”….
    A more zealous high school student who studied the elementary courses in logic and philosophy could reduce that “peer reviewed” article to rubble.

    “Peer review”…how can you not trust the specialists?

    • Malić says:

      This is quite the consequent outcome of what is customarily summed up under the moniker of “linguistic turn” philosophy. In contrast, I witnessed how high school students at the age of 17 comment the Aristotle’s understanding of potentiality from the famous example of oak tree being potentially in the chestnut with the words “but that can’t be conceived otherwise”. If people don’t see the obvious, its usually because they chose not to or they are cca third generation descending from those who made such choice.

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