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  1. tiwazmonk says:

    I apologize if I misinterpreted your statements, but the people who believe that Russia has a messianic mission are an extreme minority of those in America who are dubbed “Putin apologists.” I agree whole-heartedly that Croatia and other continental cultures are a different civilization from us. This is why I have a hard time seeing this conflict and many other conflicts in European history, in anything but geopolitical terms. Catholics, Muslims, and Eastern Orthodox all hate protestants with equal vigor and persecuted protestants horribly. Ukrainians treat protestants just as badly as Russians, so why should we be involved in an intra-Eastern Orthodox fight?

    Thankfully, James Beattie arose to destroy the arguments of Hume, so that the Anglo-Saxon world never had a need for Kant or Hegel and their recent introduction to our discourse is a sad testament to our decline.

    Most Americans don’t view Constantine as having been a genuine Christian, as such the question of whether Trump was a Constantine was just the question of whether a heathen or false, immoral Christian in political power can still do good for the church. The example of Cyrus and the temple in Jerusalem was often used as an example for the affirmative.

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