MEDIA TRIPWIRE? Ping Pong Pizza Conspiracy Propels Internet Censorship Amid ‘Fake News’ Witch-Hunt

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3 Responses

  1. Han Fei says:

    First of all I agree completely on your analysis of this entire pizzagate affair. I support this website taking a stand of reasonable skepticism.

    However Mr. Malic… I’m beginning to seriously question some of your views regarding the greater issue at hand. You speak of the establishment attempting to suppress the last of what remains of free journalism on the internet, as if it somehow hinged on the credibility of this one pedophilia expose. But as far as I’m concerned the war has already been declared. Any piece of news or evidence which exposes or challenges the controlled narrative ALREADY accomplishes what you ascribe to the fallout of the pizzagate meme (if it is indeed one). The very fact that the media is independent, outside of the information handlers’ control, is grounds enough to treat it as the enemy, to be manipulated, subverted, censored, with the eventual goal of destruction or subjugation. That’s how the generals see it.

    The Prop or Not website was basically the first gist of it, and it was triggered by anti-interventionist and pro Russian narratives common in the alt press. As someone familiar with the Soviet system, you should be very well aware that any unsanctioned source of information prompts censorship. The only difference in my view, is that the modern Western method is much more subtle, hidden from plain sight and sophisticated.

    Another thing I’ve noticed about this whole affair surrounding Epstein’s little sex cave is that the list of Jewish names involved in this are too many to count. And you wonder why the alt-right exists?

  2. While this piece’s skepticism toward Pizzagate brings up an important perspective, it reduces the affair to one layer, when there are multiple. The symbols on the restaurant and social media accounts have enough circumstantial evidence at the very least to warrant further investigation into pedophilia by the connected individuals.

    Helton’s analysis that this will be a media tripwire is right, as it adds another layer. However, Pizzagate being used to discredit alt media does not necessarily mean that the allegations against Alefantis, Podesta, Brock, et al are completely contrived.

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