Meditations Upon Emergent Occasions: In Dialogue with Jasun Horsley pt. 1

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  1. Han Fei says:

    This video touches upon many things. I will touch (and as always inappropriately) one of them. Remember when we had a brief talk about the frog? I recall mentioning it not without some disdain, to which you responded that I should not dismiss it simply because it’s a meme. But there was another element to it, which in retrospect eluded us both.

    Who is Pepe? He(?) is a frog that pisses with his pants down and feels good about it. He can’t laid, plays with toy ponies, has no friends, his love interest gets “cucked” by his 8′ negro jock classmates, in sum always a sad face accompanying some ingratiating sob story that makes us want to pat him on the shoulder with compassionate condescension. At least initially, he was the butt of jokes of every single beta male loser behavior associated with the typical lumpen that frequents *chan.

    So bottom line, this character is a projection, and indeed I would not deny that my generation of chan goers can see a little bit of him in each of us. But the problem with that is, that the lowest common denominator is usually a poor measure of the character of individuals within a society. There are parts of myself that I am personally proud of and there are things which I am better at than anyone else. Of course there are some faults and losses along the way. And so it is with just about everyone! But Pepe is obviously a degrading image of all the negatives rolled into one, a sort of featureless, subhuman, defeated, broken, failure of a being. Does this characterization of man, stripped of his positive quantities, sound familiar? And if so, who I ponder, could be its originator?

    But suddenly a miracle happens. A transcendent change. A heroic apotheosis of a kind that a certain Baron spoke of once. Pepe is no longer the essence of middle class suburban millenial failure. He is now cool, badass, edgy, avant garde, mysterious, alluring. What matter of unguent could facilitate such a metamorphosis? Lo and behold there is such!

    Uncle H’s special preparation cream 1488X diluted extra strength homeopathic remedy! With a daily application of this cream, you too can forget all about the things you couldn’t quite achieve in life, without actually having to really labor on them yourself. Oh and don’t read the fine print detailing so called side-effects which are trivial if anything, could be even seen as added perks.

    So in short, the old Pepe is dead. Sacrificed, culled, gassed, you name it. Now in his stead you have a god, a mighty Avatar of Kek. The old figure of scorn is now an idol who you should venerate. Simply by the fact that he now symbolizes the most extreme political positions that are imaginable. In an ironic, humorous and yet chillingly serious way that epitomizes the chan itself. A meme brought to life. The lowest common denominator is the greatest common factor, the product of all that we could achieve and strive to. Again, what does this symbolism evoke?

    It evokes an inveterate hatred for man. It is a view in which everything you are worth, and everything you ever will be worth, you will owe to a twisted inversion of the concept of divine grace by embracing the most degrading, nihilistic ideology as a core identity of your being. It doesn’t matter which, so long as it is something that goes entirely against every single accepted truth value or moral concept accepted by this society which denied you, and which in turn you shall deny in its entirety. It is only by coincidence, and mass culture, that in this present day or age, the face of this ideology is that of National Socialism, or at least the image of which is obtained in the minds of the young men who have had falsehoods and lies about that regime shoved down their throat since birth. The fact that NS was in its time little more than social progressivism cloaked in nationally particular irredentism bothers little of its modern day teenage minded adherents. The fact that Hitler behaved like an epitome of a typical congressional politician, and for many of them, represented the end point of their ambition, does nothing to dispel the almost esoteric level of his mystique. Think different (but act the same)!

    Every identity of this sort needs an antithesis. So, as fitting, the new “Jew” is the normie, the unredpilled, politically indifferent person who doesn’t happen to share the values of Zyklon Ben. The person who lives a socially adjusted lifestyle is no longer a figure to be envied or, kek forbid, striven to become as like. No, we the Pepes, the dejected, the outcasted, the edgy anti-millenialists, shit on your bourgeois baby boomer values, with all your associated gyms, nightclubs, and shopping malls. We are the titans of this modern world, the Chaos Space Marines who will bring down the cuck Imperium of Normiekind. There is no stopping us because we are the end product of this civilization, this Kali Yuga which ends with Kalki galloping on a white horse, pulling down the sky as if it were a curtain.

    There’s your conspiracy.

    • Malić says:

      Even academics took notice: Meme Wars

      Althought a special kind of academic: “My personal background is a mix of comparative literature and art history combined with post-punk and post-Fluxus DIY culture, technical-critical obsessions with ‘radical’ media such as the Unix command line and analog filmmaking, and a research interest in both structural poetics and politics of the arts. In the last couple of years, I have moved on from cultural studies of computational poetics (such as in my English essay Words Made Flesh, written in 2004 in Rotterdam, and in my German book Exe.cut[up]able Statements published in 2011) to practice-oriented research, with a renewed interest in non-institutional arts practices outside old/new media, analog/digital and fine art-vs.-applied art dichotomies. Some of this is reflected in my last book Anti-Media (a collection of essays and ephemera published in 2013 by NAi010) and my essay What is post-digital?”

  2. Han Fei says:

    Here’s a very very relevant video about the essential role of nonsense underpinning many of these political theologies and their associated movements:


    • Malić says:

      Those old trams bring out some fond memories. No comfier place to fall asleep at 3 a.m. after you’ve been waiting for it for an hour or so in ten bellow temperature and alcohol is just about to wear out.

  3. Silent says:

    Interesting conversation between the two of you.

    However, I think there is something you’re missing in this episode (I have yet to listen to the second part) when it comes to the problem of conspiracies, namely that this contradiction between either a conspiracy of “human” evil or one that is strictly otherworldly, so to speak, is a false one and poorly suited to grasp the actual situation. If one first accepts the reality of the intelligent non-human force of evil that we might call Satan (and sometimes by other names) and the other fallen angels with their minions of demons and djinn, then this is the very condition that makes the great conspiracy of the ages possible. The human element of the conspiracy necessarily began before the Flood when the degenerate lineage of Cain trafficked with the fallen angels and received forbidden knowledge to empower them, and this is the origin of the dark arts in general, which consequentlyand subsequently allowed chosen magical adepts to stay in communication and communion with these otherworldly intelligences. Such people, having made a pact with the fallen angels, and described as the awliyah al-satan (saints or contemplatives if satan) in Islam (whose Koran confirms this conspiracy in numerous passages: ) represent the vital link between the Devil’s work and humanity. This occult elite have sold their souls and become demon-possessed and corrupted to such a degree that they hardly qualify as human anymore; they are the Devil’s most direct arm in this world. The existence of such counter-initiates, as Guénon labelled them, has been uninterrupted since ancient times (though at times they would have been very few), and this is a black thread running throughout history. That Satan would not initiate and organise a conspiracy, as far-reaching and complex as possible, using the vehicles of human traitors, who are the more conscious of the overall design and agenda the closer they are in contact with the Satanic source, is unthinkable. Accept the fallen angels, and one is compelled to accept a conscious and sinister conspiracy of men as well. As an elite person, you can only do so much selling out before you are so corrupted that you cease to be even superficially or self-deludedly well-meaning. The fact that an outrageously obvious deception like 9/11 was possible to get away with shows how far these conspirators have come in our millennium.

    And to answer your question as to how we can know that there indeed exist elites who consciously work with the sinister suggestions as posited by Jasun: because it is in the very nature of these possessed psychopaths to do so; it follows inevitably from the logic of the cunning and conspiratorial satanic mind, from whose intelligence it is derived, but not without the conscious and willing assistance of ‘human’ intermediary agents in this world. This we can know from principles, that surely makes an observation of the symptoms intelligible.

    By the way, very interesting points on trauma as a means to “enlightenment”, Strieber and so on. The satanic web is rumoured to use methods of extreme trains to break people’s souls both in order to control them and in order to open up their psyche in this way. This is certainly one of the secrets of the counter-initiation.

    I came across a blog that features some interesting material, although one may not concur with all of it. This guy has for instance some insights on the “Illuminati” as essentially being a sort of “psychic hive-mind”, a dark web of people whose psyche have been radically opened in a chaotic manner to the subtle plane, this being the luciferic “illumination”.

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