Million or Death – Boiler Room 71

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2 Responses

  1. styx marx says:

    I’m a little ‘teary eyed’ to say too much at the moment Branko…but? That was ‘the best podcast’! I’ve ever had the priviledge to listen to! Listening to you talk of your homeland..I’ve never been so moved! I was ‘raised & schooled’ in the Roman Catholic England..but born in Ireland! So every child I went to school with had surnames that were Irish, Italian or Eastern European! All of us ‘post war’ children, of those who had to leave their homelands! You’re a ‘remarkable man’!
    Thankyou! Love & Peace to you all! from a crazy old cat lady! Annmarie (my given/birth name) xxx ;Q
    I will send you a little gift when somebody shows me how? I promise! & I won’t forget my promise! Thank all your friends in The Boiler Room for the wonderful shows! WoW! x

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