Miscellanea: On Serious Man

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  1. Han Fei says:

    I think the best way to describe this is to say that human beings are never equal in the goods, but are brought into equivalency only by the bads, such as death, disease or moral decrepitude. The mob, the absolute dissolver of individuality’s barriers has lack of distinction as its main distinguishing property. The same can be said of lower races (and oh boy if you’re into Aristotle, you simply can’t pass up on that), is that they are in a sense determined by their interchangeability, possessing very few qualities that could be said to distinguish one from their type. Having to deal with a lot of people from India and China in my line of work, I have to say, this uncomfortable sentiment has gotten stolidly empirical over the years.

    In the persons I like, whom I either consider to be my friends, or whose friendship I seek, there is a certain quality which I can clearly distinguish, completely opposite to the aforementioned affinity (perhaps stemming from the German “affen”) towards mere typology. It is by no means “intelligence” or some sort of genetic superiority, since seeking associations based solely on this premise can lead to quite abominable results. But it is a quality altogether different in each person, and each person is in turn, characterized by it in a fundamentally unique way.

    Anyway I like these little articles, as regular content updates keeps my interest in this site from waning, and also because it is a very good way for us to reconsider concepts we take for granted, which should be anything but.

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