Nicked Post: Preparata and Horsley on “Geometrics of Pain”

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  1. Kyle (kbone91) says:

    Hi Branko,
    This is a bit unrelated to the Preparata interview but I’m curious what you think none the less. What does it mean for a person to be stupid? How would you view the idea of stupidity from a metaphysical perspective? Is someone like Dugin, the author, or at least spokesman for Eurasianism, stupid? Are people with bad ideas, or violent and consequentially dangerous ideas stupid? I know Dugin is a favorite target of yours and deservedly so, but what if we flipped the script a bit and asked if someone like Zbigniew Brzezinski is stupid? Despite his highly esteemed academic background and transformational time in government, the consequences of his policy recommendations have been disastrous. Is he stupid? What do think

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