Not so Stubborn Facts and Quite Stubborn Narratives: The Worst Take on War in Yugoslavia Ever

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4 Responses

  1. Tom Secker says:

    I love how you don’t actually cite any facts, you just toss a world salad of criticisms into the air and hope some idiots out there will buy into it.

    You are not fit to lick my boots.

    • Malić says:

      Damn, I figured you for a sandal kind of guy.

    • Ante says:

      The bojinka part on it’s own is sufficient to make you look like a fool. Go deeper down that rabbit hole, man, it’s Boeing written in cyrilic, it’s basically a CIA psyop. Also, Yugoslavia had a growing economy, thanks for telling me that. I mean, I clearly remember my parents being millionaires in the late eighties so I guess there’s no arguing it.

      Your whole premise of Yugoslavia as a thriving socialist economy (as if that is even a thing) and a stable country is wrong. And then the whole article is meaningless afterwards. As Branko said in the video, Yugoslavia was literally falling apart since 1918. It was a Frankenstein’s monster type abomination. There were ethnic tensions and downright genocide here since before the country was even put together. Look into the Balkan Wars or even Serb uprisings. The history of war and mutual extermination in modern times is very rich here, only place where a peaceful, stable, multi-ethnic Yugoslavia ever existed was in the minds of naive people like you.

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