Pigtails of Apocalypse

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  1. Mihai says:

    I don’t think is correct to be to hard on Greta in all of this- after all she is being cynically used by the artisans of globalist utopia and it is debatable if she has any thoughts of her own in all of this merciless manipulation.

    On the other hand, we should ponder to what sort of depths this world has sunk if the words of a teenager are considered normative for vital political and global policies…Why no go all the way down and analyze worldwide in every conceivable media outlet the depth of the utterances of 2- year old who is just learning to speak?

  2. Han Fei says:

    It should be noted that a lot of Greta’s positions are at least nominally quite attractive to us “traditionalists”. A radical program of de-industrialization, de-nuclearization, de-urbanization and de-commercialization is quite in line with our vision of the ideal social direction, though for all the different reasons. They are interested in preserving and renewing the external environment of trees, flowers, squirrels and all that, whereas we are interested in the internal environment of mind and spirit.

    Secondly, despite the dubiousness of the climate change model, it is inarguable that the world’s environment is crumbling, the cause of which is again obvious to those with the eyes to see it. Modern society and paradigm is not only an indication first and foremost of the spiritual devastation of mankind, but also its manifestation in the external physical reality, i.e. the ecological devastation of our natural habitat.

    • Malić says:

      I believe that so called climate science is a sort of suicide of natural sciences, an absolute science of something that is the very negation of absolute, i.e. a flux whose behaviour defies every certain prediction. And it boils down to acquiring an absolutely certain prediction through computational models.

      I find it fascinating that so few scientist fail to see irony of it all.

      The idea of absolute prediction is in fact an act of faith in absolute lordship of man over nature; not a single word uttered by this kid and her handlers would be possible without this faith.

      And its quite unfounded faith, needless to say.

      • Han Fei says:

        I should have perhaps worded my previous statement in a lighter way. Of course when an environmentalist (of the kind Dull Gret here represents) wants to make you wear a leaf over your crotch, it won’t make you into a Michelangelo.

        Perhaps you might consider adding an edit function to the comments in the future?

  3. jon says:

    It is so very unfortunate that we were tricked into treating environmentalism as somehow exclusively liberal, globalist cause.

    • Mihai says:

      Enviromentalism is an exclusively globalist (perhaps also liberal, I don’t know) cause, indeed. By its very sufix “-ism” it is clear that it is a weaponized ideology.

      A correct attitude or correct living respective to the environment is an implicit part of almost every religious tradition, down to the most residual ones.

      What we have today is, as always, modernity eating its own tail.
      On the one hand you have a complete disdain, or even hatred, towards every single traditional and metaphysical principle of behavior (moral principle, if you wish), on the other hand you have the group of technocrats and alarmists who scream about what can only be the natural consequence of the first point.

      So, in the good modernist fashion, for every single problem ever since the time of the so-called Enlightenment (better called Endarkenment) there must be a technical solution, which is to be forcefully imposed from the outside on everyone.
      In other words, while temperance is shunned as a vestige of an outdated and retrograde, patriarchal mentality, at the same time you hear ever more hysterical screams to put an end to mass consumption and impose a lunatic global legislation to “save the planet”.

      When I look at movements such as environmentalism, veganism and all such I am always reminded that the “anti” in Antichrist does not mean “against”, but “instead of”- a surrogate.

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