Politics of Escape: Banality of Political Left/Right Dichotomy

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  1. Cartman says:

    That was good. Have you ever thought that Dugin and Heidegger and the post modern movement springs from academics who are basically people who have never grown up? My professors were very adolescent because they never left school and were never challenged. They were like the media class in a little bubble and they unfortunately exert a great deal of influence. Humility and repentance are not terms found very much in these institutions. Intellectuals are the wise and prudent of Matthew 11.25 they are egotists who can’t be still or silent or accept that they are not omniscient. Typical adolescents. Anyway I appreciate your work I am a novice when it comes to philosophy. Learning a lot here thanks.

    • Malić says:

      It is true that academics are eternal students and that egos are inflated there. Yet it doesn’t really apply to people of Heidegger’s generation, when academia, especially German in my opinion, had some qualities of the real spiritual elite, even if wrong headed. True academia and/or true scholarship is what is needed far more than free lance intellectuals for numerous reasons, not the least one of them being the opportunity to devote one’s life to pursuits that are not economically feasible without starving. Also, there is a level of scholarly knowledge that must be reached in order to speak about some things. As for Dugin, he is not a real academic but fringe political radical who found his way into respectability by burrowing through gray areas of post-communist society.

      Nowadays, as far as I can see from my position which is far from academia for years now, situation is such that I cannot help but agree with you. Yet there is still real work going on and important and daring words being said and written in the mainstream, so I think its better to hope for gradual return to normalcy of existing institutions then living in the illusion that phenomena like alt media and conspiracy theories are bringing some kind of revolution.

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