Poverty of Alternative Media: Nazi Punks And Heavenly Peoples

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  1. Avatar Irving says:

    If you don’t mind me asking, are there any English or French language books that you would recommend for someone wanting to get a better understanding of this issue? I’m not looking for a comprehensive list, 3 or 4 titles would do just fine.

    • Avatar Malić says:

      Ivo Banac, National Question in Yugoslavia (scribd:https://www.scribd.com/doc/141968634/Ivo-Banac-the-National-Question-in-Yugoslavia-O-Bookos-org)

      Stevan Pavlovich, Serbia – A History of an Idea;

      Misha Glenny, Balkans

      These are three solid sources, although Pavlovich is little sparse and Glenny was politically biased towards Beograd, although not so much to be inaccurate. Banac is considered classical study, with it’s faults of course. The sources I use are not available in translation, but I too rely on my own experience, talks with people, family ties and facts of every day life here.

      The best sources however are, as I call them, negative, i.e. those that are more or less full compendiums of lies. In this category, the absolute champion would be “Black Lamb, Grey Falcon” by Rebbecca West. She wrote a book that was really a full compendium of Serbian propaganda in early 20th century, all peppered with her own racist stance. It gives you a good look into a mind of someone prone to fall for such ideologies.

      If you can get your hands on anything Serbian Orthodox Church publishes in English, and is concerned with relation of Serbia and it’s neighbors, that would also be a good source. They try to muddle the waters for Western audience, but are rarely successful.

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