Rene Guenon and Penultimate Times

Kali Tribune proudly presents series of podcasts on Rene Guenon and his notion of the end of the modern world. The podcasts are based on an essay “The Way the World Goes – Rene Guenon on The End” that was in effect an interpretation of the book “Reign of the Quantity and the Signs of the Times”. However, this time around we’ll attempt to go in depth into general Guenon’s notions of metaphysics, myth, Tradition, civilization, religion, etc.

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4 Responses

  1. Dansih says:


    Listening to your Podcast, have greatly been influenced by Guenon. More than another western metaphysician.


  2. Carlos Chacon says:

    Podcast should be in audio format, YouTube is for video and you can’t listen with the screen off.

  3. Angelo says:

    KT you put out some great stuff. Guenon was a Great Soul, a Prophet of the Highest Order, and a fucking Genius of the Highest Rank. thanks

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