Righteous Beyond Redemption

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3 Responses

  1. Han Fei says:

    Something not really addressed in this video is the fact that this entire protest has been almost unequivocally backed and enthusiastically supported by almost all levels of the official “establishment” of Western countries, from press and social media, to key governmental official, to even financial and military institutions. Why is it that the opinion of a handful of mentally deranged communists is being touted all over twitter and facebook as the only socially acceptable position that one must take in response to this issue?

    To highlight the absurdity of this matter, 1200 doctors wrote a letter expressing their total support for the riots, claiming that the contrived specter of “white supremacy” is a greater threat to public health than entire crowds of people flouting social distancing rules that they’ve been so anally bent on enforcing a week earlier. Even former Sec Def Jim Mattis didn’t fail to use this opportunity to flaunt his virtue signalling credentials in the press by taking a jab at his ex-employer. Yeah, we’re supposed to believe General “Let’s light up Iraqi civilian homes with white phosphorus” has such a big heart for the downtrodden and disenfranchised colored masses of America.

    This leads to the obvious and oft-repeated conclusion – the riots and the flu lockdown were nothing but the most recent examples of phenomena that were socially engineered from the top down. They are not “natural” in any sense of the word and as such can’t be rationally examined without looking at the powers, organizations and sources of funding behind them.

    It should not even be called Black Lives Matter. A more descriptive name would be “fighting whites to please my massa” or “please whip me Mr. Rockefeller I’ve been a bad nigger” or better yet “Society of Bioleninist Eugenics”.

  2. Robber Chih says:

    Interesting how absolutely virtual the entire circus has been. “The racist truth” brought to you by cnn, twitter or some pish.

    There is very very little grounding in reality, as in anyone’s day-to-day truths don’t matter compared with what TV says. I can recall Nietziche writing somewhere, “the only real problems are on the street.” well sorry man, looks like not any more.

    As concerns no grounding in reality, I’ve pondered it before and think that the heirs of Christendom, after 1900 years are naturally so spiritually disposed they haven’t got a clue how to establish a relationship to the ‘objective’ world around them.

    I suppose the average folk these days think if they don’t perform the movement of belief or faith, they’re somehow naturally existing ‘objectively’.

  3. Timothy Tome says:

    Protected and privileged white people “punishing” themselves and their fellow whites for the sins of their fathers – except they’re not really inflicting any suffering on themselves in the process, but rather enlivening their boring lives with a pseudo-cause and simultaneously masturbating in the titillation of their simulated virtues. Young Germans’ collective guilt for the objectively awful sins of their parents’ generation is a similar phenomenon – why do they identify so strongly with actions that they have nothing to do with? The answer is probably no more exciting than plain old boredom.

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