Rule of the Unruly

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  1. Robber Chih says:

    Thanks very much for this M. Malič.
    A thorny topic but with big metaphysical implications, as you pointed out. A sentence about the relation of metaphysics to reality is well said.

    I read that the nominalist triumph over medieval realism has defined this predicament. as in nominalists take reality to be essentially unknowable and the closest expression of it is to be found in language and opinions and feelings. Whereas realists posit that reality can actually be “known” (perhaps experienced is a better word) as an internal principle correspondent to itself in the external.(?)

    Guenon in Symbolism of the Cross is fond of using the microcosmic and macrocosmic correspondence. These correspondent realities seem to be common in almost all neo-platonic philosophies.

    What a ringer modern people have when they delve into traditional teachings to discover that the principle existent, the I, is actually the principle obstacle to authentic existence. Sad to think that people pay a lot for education only to be turned out with enough rope to hang yourself with.
    But who is to blame?

    I think in recent thinkers, Krishnamurti saw precisely this existential flaw to modern life, what the I is and tried to help people see that. The I, along with knowledge, is composed of memory and experiences of the past, essentially a dead thing. He was fond of using the word conditioning.

    The centre, the I is thus an external sociological principle and what we take for being “the controller” our reason, decision making centre, is actually “the controlled,” an external principle confining us. It’s how people are controlled, in essence it is an external, worldly authority.

    Fasting is an ancient practice and charity is our first virtue. These things both try to move “the centre” of consciousness away from the I which is a natural hoarder.

    Psychology has shown us unequivocally that there are different, sometimes autonomous centres of consciousness within a single mind.

    Thanks again for the great work you continue to put out.

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