So Nineties: Alexander Dugin’s Enduring Globalism

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  1. Cartman says:

    I’m starting to see Yockey in a different light. He shares Dugin’s megalomania and will to power mindset. Have you read Kevin Coogan’s book on him? Your podcast Dreamer of the Gay puns on it. Anyway in that book you see how he was a fantasist to a great extent like Dugin is. Also he dissects liberalism far better than Dugin and thats the appeal for jaded Westerners – which I am I suppose. But I certainly see the danger of the fringes which are moving toward the failing centre. Yockey is still largely unknown on the right because he was too esoteric and not racialist dogmatic and was anti American. I think he could be seen as Eurasianist in his later thought.
    Great site you created here. Its like a philosophy course before post structuralism came along to confuse everyone.

    • Malić says:

      Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten hold of Coogan’s book yet, although I listened to few interviews with Coogan on Yockey. The congeniality of ideas is striking but I think the main thing is congeniality of persons: I would venture to say that those are people who share mutual love of unconditional chaos as a metaphysical and political principle. In the political sense they are masking this as hatred for what they call ‘liberalism’, but I think the real drive is hatred towards those who destroyed their political favorites in WWII. Hence the absolute hostility towards US. As for fringe/mainstream, this is definitely a trajectory. Just yesterday we had Daniel Estulin on a prime time TV show here in Croatia. The man is a clear charlatan and although not one of these post-Nazis, I’m more and more convinced that “conspiracy research” is in fact a gateway drug for political option pushed by the likes of Yockey and Dugin. It is my gloomy prediction that media will became a melange of fringe and mainstream.

      Regardin Yockey, he was a National-Bolshevik, which amounts to more or less the same like Eurasianist, because in the end its all about geopolitical conquest and he too sees the axis of the Imperium in the unity of Berlin (waffen SS Europe) and Moscow (Mongol horde).

  2. Cartman says:

    I think Coogan gets a bit lost in the maze of connections which one can make. Rather like Dave Emory the left wing guy who interviewed him on Spitfire list. Its an attempt to outline a coherent underground fringe movement which results in a kind of caricature of the right wing which in my experience are filled with conflicting and confused motivations and is in no way unified. They are always splitting off and creating new parties and groups, like a cult of leadership or sectarian squabbles over policy. I was involved in the far left and the far right in a very small way and they both reminded me of Monty Python’s depiction of the Peoples Front of Judea bitching about the Judean Peoples Front. There is something deeply farcical about both sides when they indulge in their apocalyptic visions of transformations and then behave in the most shallow and petty backstabbing behaviour. Yockey’s book helped me escape from the polarised left/right identity but as you say he does connect one to a certain substrata of fascist thought. Nevertheless that can lead one to Evola and from there to Guenon and E. Michael Jones and so on. It depends I suppose on the direction of one’s will.

    • Malić says:

      I listened to Emory’s interviews and he basically seems to be a self righteous Leftist conspiracy theorist, although with a lot of valuable information thrown in the mix. I think you’re right, they lose themselves in endless connections. But that’s what you get when you combine self righteousness and weak intellect. I consider Yockey to have been a deeply evil man and one who imbibed everything he touched with this quality of his person. In this sense, I would make a connection between him, Dugin and, for instance, David Myatt. It is a rather substantial connection of minds bent on evil. This is what holds them together and not their financial or social connections which are dubious, but there is some good evidence of the existence of Nazi international. Yet, as you said, its probably a lose confederation of factions which are by their very nature poised to conflict between themselves.

      • Cartman says:

        The underbelly of politics on both sides is rather disgusting and certainly not a place honest people can inhabit. My blog was an attempt to detoxify myself of all this polemics and theories and gain perspective and distance. There are so many disordered mentalities involved it is not my path. I think of it as a period of folly and a deviation. There is something prideful or even a little satanic in the ambition to comprehend the totality like Spengler and others. I feel better for letting it go. ‘Snake oil’ as you say.

        • Malić says:

          The thing is, the illusion of “big picture” is easier to acquire now than probably ever before. The other thing – and I always stress it – is that this is merging with mainstream. I believe the most of what we call political analysis in alt media is just Nineties lunatic fringe anti-Globalists and Post-Nazis. I remember, when still a student in the Nineties, how I heard that there are people in the West, who are Leftist, and that they support Slobodan Milošević in belief that he is the last socialist and the enemy of the great and evil “West” or “Empire”. I simply couldn’t believe it that people can be that dim. Now, they just got onto internet and are going by the names like Global Research,, etc.

          From this I conclude that there’s usually a good reason why something ends up in the fringe department. I only wish it would stay there.

          • Cartman says:

            Ha ha! My daily dose of Leftism used to be Global Research and Antiwar dot com. I can easily imagine these youtube personalities and alt researchers becoming the new establishment media just as the hippies of the sixties moved from the underground to the mainstream and academia. Just a the subculture of gays and S/M scene is now virtually mainstream. It will be just a different sort of bias and partiality with its own dogmas and clichés.

          • Malić says:

            Very good points. Wish we were wrong about it, tough. As for Global Research and, follow my pending series on the break up of Yugoslavia and you’ll see in no uncertain terms just how they bend, or blatantly suppress, the truth which is in fact fairly accessible. Just yesterday I blocked a commenter who tried to get me into arguing typical GR “narrative” on NATO breaking up Yugoslavia. The trouble is that idea is the complete opposite of what actually happened and that for every lie they put out you have to quote documents, books and personal memoirs, the most important even not being in English, and you know that they will continue to push the “narrative” no matter what. Alt Media world image starts to crumble as soon as your country, social group or anything you are actually personally acquainted with comes into focus. Then you immediately see what complete and utter rubbish it all is. The closer you are to actual geopolitical hot spots, the more you see through it, because you’re acquainted with the situation on the ground. But that can help you none, because, as you said, fringe is going mainstream and no one will listen to long arguments and historical facts that shatter his “narrative”. In the case of trying to squeeze Yugoslavia into this “West is absolute” evil platitude you can very easily observe how Left and Right merge. People leaning on Chossudovsky et al at the same time claim that Yugoslavia was the victim of imperialist capitalism and then omit to notice that the idiot in question got awarded a medal by Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić, who is beyond ultra Right wing Serbian extremist with bloody past to boot, because GR “narrative” ends up completely aligning with Serbian propaganda from the war. Such people were fringe before Internet but now they are coming out big time.

            This is rather longish but very insightful article on the subject:

            Heartlessness Exhibition

          • Ante says:

            “The trouble is that idea is the complete opposite of what actually happened and that for every lie they put out you have to quote documents, books and personal memoirs, the most important even not being in English, and you know that they will continue to push the “narrative” no matter what. ”

            It is a fairly common tactic, from flat Earth and Nibiru proponents to politics and economics.

            I’m really prone to think that widespread literacy did more harm than good. Most, probably all, of us are very gullible, opening all the new avenues of getting ourselves manipulated by internet and “informing ourselves” in all likelihood can’t result in anything other than this sort of protestantization of sorts, where everyone reads his own material and has his own truth and every other preacher on the street corner ends up gathering a sizeable following with his, as you put it, “narrative”, styling himself an analyst or expert of some kind. To the devastating effect on cohesion, unity, feeling of belonging etc as we can see in the political polarization and social chaos in US and elsewhere.

            Most people simply lack the wisdom to meet reality head on, in particular reality that is concerned with some far away land that doesn’t really bother them in any practical way. We should all go back to being illiterate peasants or something, except that can’t be done any more. It’s funny how Serbs and Croats lived next to each other for 1000 years with barely a hiccup while literally being subjected to two warring empires for great part of that time. The moment you print a book, things go to hell.

            Printing press is the REAL… Satan! lol

          • Malić says:

            I would agree on this. Its the case of erosion of institutions – from academia to Church – which opens the way for those that are not fit to join them for a good reason. I saw the whole generation of my colleges, me included, go down the professional drain just because all criteria of our trade were eroded. For those who are not Croats like Ante: here there’s an added value of corruption, especially in Government related professions like University and schools, where it is almost impossible to get employment without political connections. I worked in two high schools with no one backing me and that was mainly because no body wanted to go and work in a small town ravaged by war.

            In the West, as it seems to me, its this strange resentment towards everything and, most of all, towards one’s own country and civilization. I could lay a lot of blame on Americans for a lot of things, but I simply cannot share the sentiment of this alternative crowd that for all intents and purposes demonize the culture which in effect made them what they are. It just can’t be that bad and indeed some features of American people, like the way they respect work, are quite unique and totally admirable.

            What worries me is that demonizing of the West by Westerners is in fact an act of narcissism, because it boils down to an underlying idea that no one else in the world has a free will. So Croats, Serbs, Bosnians and Albanians simply couldn’t go to war without the control of NATO. What I see here at work is a dehumanization for the sake of utopian principle very characteristic for the Left even from Friedrich Engels onwards. And it shows itself clearly for what it is when you realize that all those Western politicians were played by Slobodan Milošević as if they were little children, for the better part of four years of war. First he was openly supported, than he was respected interlocutor and only after few absolutely undeniable slaughters he slowly ended up as “Butcher of Balkan”. And even this would not happen if it weren’t for his suicidal nature. Even their “opponents” like “alt media” crowd deep down cannot accept that someone could lead a devastating war without the direct aid of their hated, but I fear at the same time beloved, “Empire”.

            As for Serbs and Croats – Serbs had different enemy images in the past; Bulgarians for instance. But I think we’ll stick in their myth making imagination for a long time.

          • Ante says:

            As for self demonization as an act of narcissism, you are probably right, but partially. Don’t you see a similar tendency around here? There are people who seem very prone to ethnomasochism, and seem to revel in it. Everything we do is bad, all our distinct national qualities are awful, people abroad are much better, etc. It goes way beyond healthy self awareness. I’d say the train of thought goes something like this:

            – Instinct tells me to care for and prioritize my own.
            – Instinct is primitive and intelligent people have intellect ruling over instinct.
            – By doing the exact opposite of what my instinct tells me I will appear intelligent to those around me and gain their respect.

            And when you get a number of such people together, what happens is a form of mutual reassurance of such position together with company with which to ridicule those that still care for and prioritize their own as stupid and backward in contrast. After all there is not much that is more satisfying than feeling superior over someone else and having others confirm it for you all the time.

            So it can happen even without the element of implied omnipotence of one’s own people. I suppose that with such element added, the result can be even more pronounced. Afterall we don’t have an industry of alt media here that spreads the idea that Croats are the source of every evil in the world. But I suspect the germ of it is still common enough.

  3. Karloff says:

    Hello Branko. I’d like to say that I very much enjoy and respect your work, and am glad to have discovered it via your appearance on Jasun Horsley’s podcast.

    You are very amusing in your dismantling of the work of others, but I would like to know more of your own theory of the world.

    As much as you rightly lament the stupidity of the general population and also of those who subscribe to an ‘alternative’ world view, is there not emerging a highly dangerous discrepancy between the general understanding of what is technologically feasible in the manipulation of biological organisms and the utilisation of space, and the reality?

    Does this not constitute a form of hidden power that warrants serious investigation?

    Moreover, does this not pertain to issues of ‘sustainable development’, in other words, the control of the numbers and characteristics of the global human population?

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