Splash of Civilizations: A Prelude to an Analysis of Alexander Dugin’s “Foundations of Geopolitics”

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  1. Liam Coy says:

    Thank you Branko for this insightful and illuminating introduction to the musings of this, regrettably influential madman Alexander Dugan.
    My name is Liam and I, being a young man, have recently been going through an evolution in my philosophical thinking.
    I began first with blind rebelliousness, a reactionary yearning for a world opposite to the one I inhabited. A world governed by compassion and reciprocal reconciliation. I rejected classical education and decided to educate myself culturally to foster understanding and empathy within my self. I believed that ignorance was the only thing holding us back.
    I yelled from the rooftops my ideas and sought to expose evil in any way possible. After doing this for some time and only getting illogical mainstream arguments in return my idealistic spirit was questioned. I then attempted to explain this puzzling phenomena of people proverbially “putting their heads in the sand” while children were being decapitated with the support of their tax dollars. My own family grew tired of me and thought me to be whining and challenged me to be a political activist, but somewhere in my heart i knew that politics would never be the answer to the woes of our world……it is Kali-Yuga after all and this decline in mercy has been foretold.
    Long story short i sought an absolute explanation for why the earth was in such turmoil, why children must be raped, why cultures must be destroyed, human carcasses consumed, why minds must be shackled.
    It is the same question all humans ask themselves and that question must be answered to some extent for each individual to function properly. That is to say how this question of the absolute is framed determines the actions and beliefs of the individual.

    After searching blindly for years entangled in ignorance i was fortunate enough to stumble upon the transcendent science of self realization propagated by AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, My absolute truth thanks to the ingenious of my afore mentioned Guru has become complete, as all philosophy should be. I know I am nothing more than a spirit soul lost in forgetfullness of my eternal relationship with Godhead transmigrating from body to body in vain, my only worthy purpose is to realize my constitutional transcendent position adjacent to yet separate from the Personality of God Krshna. I bore you with the details of my spiritual journey (which is ongoing) to pose a question……….or two
    Are LHP practitioners like Dugin agents of descendence inspired by Maya/illusion in this age of Kali? Are they merely demoniac mayavadi philosophers who believe and worship the impersonal god of eternal chaos as opposed to following the laws of god which profess hope for the possibility of truth and order? Is this what satinism and by extension evil is? Extreme materialism and the desire to cover all living entities in as much material suffering as possible……i love the work you are doing and would be very interested in having a disscussion of these topics in the future

    Hare Krishna

    • Malić says:

      I wouldn’t connect either Dugin or other similar personages to any kind of pre-Modern tradition. In my opinion they’re people driving the darkest principles of Modernity to their logical conclusion selling this to dupes as “fighting fire with fire” – its like trying to destroy hate by maximizing it and then hoping that it will burn out solely from its excess.

  2. Vatroslav says:

    This channel on You Tube will be interesting for all Kali Tribune readers:

  3. Ben says:

    Thankyou Mr Malic for the work you have been producing on Kali tribune , I have been listening to both your work and another recent convert to Orthodox Christianity from the west. I am resarching my Slavic ancestors cultures both Catholic and Orthodox and I have learnt from your Podcasts some excellent truths .But I have noticed something else as well with the Dugin’s and his followers they are very intelligent and have studied a plethora of belief systems but they themselves do not believe in the true sense ,ie They would take Christ teachings and twist it into their own corrupted mindset, ie a Jesus Christ that has investment stocks and is pro death penalty nay even pro war and watches Alex Jones info wars.
    They think that their intellect is the path to spiritual enlightenment ,They would intellectually digest any religion or philosophy down to its basic meat and potatoes and then use it to parasite of those far less fortunate all whilst believing they themselves to be the truest logical expression of their said belief. Unfortunately one cannot change the hearts of evil men and their lack of judgement of free will . That these manipulators will feed on our fears and the passions of their subscibers whilst promising them the true light of whatever they’re selling ie Wieshaupt illuminati tactics for gulliable dupes to use and abuse those that they can.

    • Malić says:

      Thanks. I’m Catholic by the way, while Mihai Marinescu is our Officer for Byzantine Affairs. There’ll be a more detailed exposition of Dugin’s “Foundations of Geopolitics” in the future where there’ll be made abundantly clear that he is only into a messianic political pipe dream albeit a very well planed and dangerous one.

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