Strange Angles, Strange Faces: Introduction to Convergences Between LHP Satanism, Post-Nazism & Alt Right Ideas

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  1. Akira says:

    You and that other delusional retard Wahid Azal should team up!

    Like superfriends, but your special power is to become extra-retarded.

  2. Han Fei says:

    Very interesting talk. We should not ignore the influence of these metaphysical currents on modern political philosophies.

    You’ve mentioned some thinkers whose ideas were readily picked up by the alt-right. Would you consider saying a few words about the very significant influence played on the alt-right by Italian esotericist writer Julius Evola? He’s cited very frequently on Greg Johnston’s website for instance in highly favorable terms. Much of what you mentioned about “spiritual race” seems to stem from the source of some (in my opinion, the weakest) of his books.

    As I said before however, I maintain that the bulk momentum of the alt-right sticks to a strictly biological racial doctrine of Orthodox Nazism (I can’t believe I have to come up with such a term but there it is). A non-white, which I guess in /pol/ parlance means any non-Germanic European ethnicity, such as Celts, Indo-Indians, Finno-Ugrics, Bulgar Turkics and Slavs, who agrees or identifies with alt-right ideology is still marked for expulsion or extermination from racially white societies (bad news for Jobbik I guess). Which you could say is a good thing because it severely hinders the extent the movement holds appeal, which is why its handlers seek to subtly shape it towards more genetically flexible notions of race even while maintaining a veneer of “maximalism” that seems to attract its followers so much (and which I am not fond of, hence my opposition to the movement).

    That said, we must look at the other extreme which is prevailing today, and that is the extreme of inclusiveness which seeks to dissolve racial differences by dissolving the races themselves (e.g. the Kalergi doctrine). I find nothing wrong with being a racist. It is a natural and healthy attribute of the human species to want to preserve the ethnic qualities which give source and maintain their cultural identity. I’m sure you wouldn’t stand by and idly watch as your country is flooded with people of a completely different ethno-cultural makeup and then act as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. After all I can clearly notice that you identify with your Croatian ethno-state and not Yugoslavia, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, or for that matter, the all-inclusive five star hotel for the underprivileged that is the EU. This is a perfectly normal sentiment. What’s not normal is when it becomes the focal point of a certain political ideology, or is elevated to the level of a religious doctrine, as you point out in your critique of spirit racism.

    The idea of a racial spirit soul possessed of an inherent nature independent of the body’s physical existence, ironically I can only find among the Jews. Correct me if I’m mistaken, I am aware of no other cultural tradition, neither in India, Islam, Hellenic Antiquity or China that puts forward a similar notion. At the very least this is most certainly NOT a white, let alone Aryan-Nordic idea!

  3. Malić says:

    Evola will pop up in my talks and writings eventually, no way to avoid that given the subject. If for nothing else, then to point out just how anti-traditionalist and anti-conservative these movements are. And there is always GLADIO, Ordine Nuovo and Fascist International.

    I do believe that refugee crises was engineered (rather sloppy) and about the aim of eradicating any kind of diversity by engineered diversity I spoke at length here:
    Just on the side note – I don’t identify as a Croat, I’am one. No will of my own plays any role in that. Croatian nation-state have proven to have been of little value for anyone but ex-communists turned oligarchs. If Yugoslavia were not seated right on the dividing line of Western and Eastern Christianity, maybe it would have worked. But given that it is, it ended up in only way it could have ended up. The mass migrations created the West and my people for one survived them as have most or indeed all the other peoples. The fact that Illyri took Slavic language only made my elementary school days easier: imagine learning Latin or, God forbid, original Illyrian grammar in elementary school. What I oppose is engineered migration with the clear intent to eradicate both host and incoming population. I don’t think that so called “race-mixing” can erase anything significant. The homelessness does that. And it is meant to be imposed on everybody by violently changing socio-economic environment. I think Alt right contributes to this significantly in it’s own way.

    • Ante says:

      Does race mixing even happen in significant way without engineering? European women seem to be attracted to Arabs and Africans, but this isn’t in vacuum but in the environment of effeminate society and in particular feminized men and feminism that is really all about making women into men with less physical strength, so defective from start. But when everything is said and done, people end up largely ghettoizing on their own, sticking with their own and mistrusting the other even when forced to live near each other. This seems reasonable and natural for all sides involved.

      Alt Right is in my opinion a reminder that when we try to forcibly mess with our basic nature – such as imposing population mixing – reaction is inevitable and not necessarily pretty or even good. But the tenant – the idea of wanting our descendants to look like us and “carry on our torch” so to speak – isn’t something I see as wrong. And this certainly constitutes racism in minds of vast majority of mainstream leaning public, because it means I’d seek out a woman that is of my own race and that I’d like my children to do likewise and that this remains a general trend through the generations. Even if I am not making hierarchical ladders of which race is superior or better in absolute terms. Problems emerge when this all action-reaction happens in a conflictive, traumatic fashion, which turns the reaction (the Alt Right in this case) into a faction hysterically obsessed with race and purity with no exceptions allowed, up to the point of ostracizing it’s own podcast stars for having been married to a half Jew as happened to The Right Stuff recently.

      Anyhow, I’m not defending Alt Right nor denying flirting of many of them with chaotic and satanist trends. What I’m saying is that “racism” in the sense of preferring individuals of one’s own race is something I don’t have any problem with and actually agree with. And that they are more adamant about it in cases where the other race is black is understandable too, since whites mixing with blacks isn’t exactly Illyrians mixing with Slavs. Where they lose me is meme magicking, idealization of Russia and connected dismissal of Lithuanian, Polish etc worries in regards to Russia as well as apparent non stop internal religious bickering. They even got a term for Christians – “Christcucks” or “Christfags” and Jesus is the “Kike on a stick”. You can’t make that one up. And yes, the absolutist racial view is worrisome, but it’s kinda low on the list for me. If anything it’s hard to predict what that one will turn into eventually since they apparently have lots of internal squabbling over whether to worship Wotan or Vishnu or Lucifer-Kristos and is Mike Enoch a Jew for having surname ending on -ović or not.

      P.S. Oh, and the trend on 8chan of forced anonymity and despising using names (somewhat predictably termed “namefaging”) is another thing that reeks of, uh, mental instability. Also seems distinctively leftist and certainly not traditional. I guess it’s some weird striking back at the stupid celebrity culture? Another weird, over the top reaction if so.

      • Malić says:

        “Christcuck”? To je ništa. Probaj “Spherecuck” – conservative duped into thinking Earth to be a sphere instead of flat.

        • Ante says:

          To još nisam čuo. Valjda nisam sišao dovoljno duboko u ezoteriku. Imageboard srećom ima tako užasno sučelje da se slabo snalazim. Doduše na Daily Stormeru se u komentarima posvađaju o van Allenovim pojasevima sa vremena na vrijeme pa uleti i pokoji ravnozemljaš al spherecuck mi je promakao.

  4. Kirill says:
    It seems now even The Economist is fine with explaining (and plain advocating for) satanic believes. And here I thought that some of your ideas were stretching it a bit too far.

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