Suffer little children

Liberal mind has it’s shehids and gazis. They are those people who morally approve of everything that doesn’t bother them. And if they are true faithful, they will eagerly approve of snuffing out anyone who dares to say that something can be wrong even if it bothers no one. Only, there is no such thing as morally irrelevant act, as well as there is no social action that doesn’t affect anyone. If homosexual marriages would be merely a mockery of marriage – and they are infinitely more than that – those who are mocked should at least have a right to mock them back. And they don’t have that right.

src: is a sad day when you realize that decision of someone else’s Supreme Court from across the big pond is something you must recon with in your safe Eastern European backwater home. It is twice as sad if this realization occurred to you just last month, when Supreme Court of USA forced legalization of homosexual marriages upon all fifty federal states. At this late moment in the life of American Empire and it’s dominion, encompassing EU in general and Eastern Europe in particular, such belated insight indicates that one is being worse than stupid. It indicates to being eligible for mercy killing on account of hurting the feelings of moderately intelligent observer. Ignorance masquerading as intelligence and moral laziness selling itself as superior morality were two vehicles – or indeed the sole vehicle – of bringing people to accept the idea of mock marriage as something to celebrate. Of course, no one thinks he revels in mockery while waving the rainbow flag – sarcasm and satire are reserved for targeting “bigots” – but that’s what it boils down to. And, judging by the way things are going, this kind of celebrations will become obligatory sooner than most people realize.

Obligatory celebrations were mainstay of communism: children waving little red flags, reciting poems praising the “achievements of the people”, huge public manifestations – it all displayed the system’s message of it’s loyalty to itself. This was a paradox of communism: no one really took it seriously; neither it’s victims, nor, at it’s late date, even the Party itself. Hence the use of children – grownups kept their tongues firmly in cheek all the time. Now, after being democratized – in a strictly genitiv objectivus sense – and having our societies being opened – a Popperian process rather resembling a polite but sadist dentist opening one’s bad tooth and then ordering him to leave without treatment – tongues are no more firmly in cheek. They are resting behind the aching teeth kept dutifully shut. Never mind the violent protesters: police dealt with those promptly, after their display of misguided reaction was meticulously recorded to be used to forever discredit every rational attempt to refute this piece of social engineering sold to masses as a historical necessity in fairly Hegelian terms.

So, with all of this abroad and we still hear how there’s no purpose to history? The ideas of Platonic state, world spirit or worker’s paradise are progeny of enemies of “open society”? Well, think again. If there is a “wrong side of history”, as elites proclaim and masses echo, then, obviously, there’s it’s “right side” too (never mind it is apparently “a backside”). The great liberal utopia to end all utopias was, as it now seems, always about affirming the freedom of being sexual and, more often than not, emotional cripple which most homosexuals are or are bent to become; now when they are sanctified, probably more than ever. We have been sold the story that old “grand narratives” are dead and then suddenly got offered with the epic of affirming the rights of people to insert their sexual organs into all the wrong cavities, as The Narrative of open society. Well, in fairly Hegelian terms, this “end of history” will not be a temporal end – history will continue: bestiality, pedophilia and other various philias will be morally elevated and, one can be sure, legalized in due course. But the crucial stepping stone has been removed and now the Idea of Love – again in fairly Hegelian terms, analogous to his Idea of Justice understood as a telos of history – has found it’s eternal actualization in objective reality of law giving institution of an ideal state, to be “disseminated” further by the agents of absolute spirit; admittedly, not by the postmodern incarnation of Napoleon – the world Soul of young Hegel’s adoration – but by NGOs, celebrities and policy recommendations. Lack of military coercion only goes to show how impotent the resistance is, although who knows: autobahns are in place all across the EU.

As always in revolutionary outlook on history, those on it’s wrong side are Historische Abfall to be left to rot in some safe historical dump, meaning: to be squeezed out of the picture. It is the contention of the undersigned that more or less everybody over thirty years of age is an Abfall. Namely, it’s all about children. It is often forgotten that children are true bearers and intended beneficiaries of revolutions. The grownup can wave red or, as the historical lot has decided, a rainbow flag and at the same time keep his tongue firmly in cheek; he can protest the flag by the manner he is waving it – it’s been done before in communism – and screw the party line while outwardly doing everything it proscribes. Potential for defiance in human beings is ineradicable as long as the inner freedom is preserved. The only totalitarian systems that managed to do away with it were fictional ones, like Orwell’s for instance, and even his political horror novel was written to narrate an act of defiance. Therefore, from the standpoint of social engineers, everybody is a liability, hence the ever increasing need to demand new and novel ways to signal the loyalty to the system. Last year’s gay pride in one of the Croatian provincial towns was completely ignored by populace, and organizers were quick to point out how people are lagging behind in social conscience, i.e. in fulfilling of what is in effect their social obligation – never explicitly ordered but always implicitly expected to be fulfilled. The faith was expressed that in the years to come they will realize that they have to attend it. Those who support these events are happy because they see themselves as “thinking minority”, ‘thinking’ meaning being able to discern the “right side of history” in contrast to stupefied, close minded masses. Of course, they will never realize that they are in fact only bending over to offer their rosy backsides for the penetration by proper party (drag)line, while their minds are so open that their contents poured out empty a long time ago.

Anyway, they are all, both minority and majority, forfeit. The children are the real booty. Hence those “core curriculas” of different flavors; hence the “rights of the child”, hence the rainbow – after all, everybody knows how children love the many colored spectacles. Trouble with homosexual marriages is that the very idea of it is so manifestly ridiculous that it can’t – and indeed should not – be refuted. The stupidest – and, paradoxically, most dangerous – things are not those that are easily refuted, but those that are so stupid that the first rational reaction is to ignore them until it’s too late – communism was to an extent one such idea. And note that idea not worth of refutation effectively refuted the right to existence of millions and, still worse, perverted the social consciousness of whole nations. It is a modest opinion of this author that communism has a half life of at least two generations after it’s core finally melts down. Adults who witness it’s demise naturally cling to crumbling social structures, while old elites – vastly members of secret services and party rejects – put on democratic and/or nationalist guise and continue to run the country, seemingly clashing with each other. First generation born after the fall is more or less lost in utter materialism, while old aparatchiki train their political descendants in running the country. So the hope lies in second generation, roughly, one born some twenty years after the dissolution of communist state. Too bad these kids are in for a society which makes communism look like epitome of political freedom. Instead of a fight for establishing a sound economic mentality and basis for return to normalcy, new kids on post-communist block will, as it seems, be busy denouncing the “homophobes”. How convenient. Two flies killed with one stroke: energy that should be spent in removing the corrupted structure simply by creating real and sound one will go down the drain of furthering the agenda of eradication of sexes – which is the main, but not the only, purpose of homosexual marriages. There is a flip side to that coin of course. There is a rush of nationalism in younger generation, a nationalism which is completely synthetic, i.e. made up with no relation to true historical heritage, and is extremely violent. This phenomenon will be used as an excuse to prevent or eradicate any semblance of rational resistance to march of the absolute spirit and new philias it will surely spawn. It won’t end with homosexuals, of course. Now when the legal dam in postmodern Rome D.C. has been dismantled, nothing can stop the flood. And everybody who got mind buggered into acceptance and praise of homosexual marriages will inevitably accept everything that’s coming. If he eventually gets the sense that something is not right in his praise of zoophile marriages, he will have to retract his steps and face the fact that he is not an open minded defender of freedom for all the people to do what does not bother him, but merely a dimwitted piece of conformist shit. Now, why would anyone do a thing like that?

Liberal mind has it’s shehids and gazis. They are those people who morally approve of everything that doesn’t bother them. And if they are true faithful, they will eagerly approve of snuffing out anyone who dares to say that something can be wrong even if it bothers no one. Only, there is no such thing as morally irrelevant act, as well as there is no social action that doesn’t affect anyone. If homosexual marriages would be merely a mockery of marriage – and they are infinitely more than that – those who are mocked should at least have a right to mock them back. And they don’t have that right.

There is, however, something profoundly true in history having the right and the wrong side; after all, Hegel was no fool. Homosexual marriages are overture to eradication of gender, family and ultimately the notion of pre-existent human nature. So one can safely argue that there is a right side of history for those who want to stay human and that is to firmly protect their backsides. Stupid ideas rule because no one bothers to find right words to refute them, so everybody keeps silent enjoying the mutual understanding, ridiculing The Man from the safety of bar stools or their own armchairs, until their behinds get dislodged from these comfy positions. Perhaps it’s time to rectify that. It is essential to demonstrate that homosexual marriages, and related social surgery procedures, are coming from above, i.e. from the same elites more or less everybody routinely abhors, and it is quite an easy task. Both corporate and political power is demonstrably pushing this agenda from Washington D.C. to Zagreb, Croatia and it really doesn’t require more than intellectual equivalent of pointing the finger to prove it. The real reasons behind this radical social reform are many layered and complex set of policies which, in opinion of this author, have definite metaphysical roots and metaphysics is a hard and scary science, not everybody is ready to accept the fact it still rules our world. But everybody loves ridicule and true ridicule, i.e. satire, is possible only insofar it’s object already has an element of ridiculousness in itself. Homosexual marriages are a mind-numbingly funny practice, never mind it’s insidious purpose. So everybody opposing them is obliged to laugh them out, no matter how oppressive the power pushing them forward is. And this laughter must echo long enough to reach the next generation, because those children are the real prey of social engineers. After all, there is a good case to assert that we live in a special period of history, an epoch whose metaphysical insidiousness, mirrored in complete revocation of any kind of tradition – in fact: any form of past tense, is more and more mutating into pure and simple ridiculousness. If this is the devil’s work – and even the secular minded people despite themselves have to invoke him here and there as a proper qualification of what they see – then old iniquity is really a class A buffoon. To commit a murder by logic is infinitely profound way to commit the perfect crime. But to use a bunch of scantly dressed drag queens publicly exercising their right to be taken for a norm, when whole of their existence is consciously founded on being against it is downright hilarious.

You have heard:

“The devil is old, you too must grow old to understand him.”

Verily, I’ll rephrase unto thee:

“The devil is an idiot,”

And no one in his right mind would suffer little children unto idiot.

Branko Malić

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