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Hard to be a God

We all heard so much about infantile masses, of an ability to hide in the anonymous mass - in a word: the first association we tend to get when we think in terms of mass man is irresponsibility. However, rarely do we hear anything about equally deprived mass responsibility; rarely, of course, except on Kali Tribune. 

In this podcast we'll address the subject of the flip side of popular power - popular responsibility as exemplified by idea, prevalent among the masses, that every problem and indeed everything occurring in this world is due to man or, more precisely, average man.

To demonstrate the absurdity of this notion and some of its possible roots, we'll employ the help Joseph de Maistre, with the special focus on ideas from his essay On the Generative Principle of Political Constitutions, most eminently his insight into impossibility of creating the a priori legislature and the inferiority of written, i.e. systematized, laws and the impossibility of sovereignty coming from below.

A little phrasebook of democracy 0

A little phrasebook of democracy

In the turbulent age of Kali Yuga it is so very hard to find one's bearing. Kali Tribune, bearing this lack of bearing in mind, embarked on the project of preparing a little phrasebook of democracy to aid it's readers in understanding both this age and their respective places in the midst of it. The phrasebook is a work in progress, so participation from readers is welcome. Comrades, the history is watching! Let us not disappoint.