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So Nineties: Alexander Dugin’s Enduring Globalism

As original ideas of Dugin's globalist project become more and more accessible to anglo-phone public, we hear objections that his totalitarian blueprint laid out in no uncertain terms in the book "Foundations of Geopolitics" is something he now discarded. Well, to refute this objection, we'll let Dugin himself demolish it in one of his recent interviews.


A Pocket Eurasian Dictionary

Geopolitics this, geopolitics that ... it kinda gets annoying doesn't it? Well, why not educate ourselves about it. A year ago Kali Tribune presented "A Pocket Euro-Atlantist Dictionary" which served to clarify some terms used by Eurocrats, NATO, American think tanks and other annoying entities. Now we'll push further and turn our focus into opposite direction.

Do You Really Wanna F.. With Me Christiana? 5

Do You Really Wanna F.. With Me Christiana?

Do You Really Wanna F.. With Me Christiana?


The World Economic Forum in Davos produced some widely ridiculed "memes" of it's celebrity participants. In this analysis Kali Tribune Department for Revealing the Methods and Showing the Middle Finger will demonstrate that there's really nothing to laugh about.