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The Invisible Empire: Introduction to Alexander Dugin’s “Foundations of Geopolitics”, pt. 1

We commence the analysis of the core political and strategic ideas of Alexander Dugin as laid out in his main work “Foundations of Geopolitics – Geopolitical Future of Russia”, based on a close reading of the text. In this segment we explain mainly the proverbial foundations or “the principal duality” of Dugin’s megalomaniac eschatology falsely posing as, and today curiously popular, political science stressing the role of geography. This is the first close reading analysis of the foundational neo-Eurasianist text in the English language. Give it a look, we guarantee you won’t like it if you are busy cheering for Russia to defeat the “globalists”. But maybe, if you are displaying some symptoms of Duginitis chronica in its early stages, it could just make you re-think what you’re getting yourself into.

TTIP Leaks: It Ain’t Like in the Movies at All 0

TTIP Leaks: It Ain’t Like in the Movies at All

485px-Trojan_Horse_by_A_Yakovlev_1911TTIP leaks, already widely referred to as TTIP Papers, are still a hot topic in mainstream media. However, do they reveal anything we already haven't known beforehand? Apparently, no.