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Mind Control Nineties Style: Natural Born Killers (1994.)

Hollywood is a major factor in forming the consciousness of masses in the West and, consequently, a major tool in a hardware of Globalist geopolitics. Yet, while following the moving image of today, we tend to forget how it developed from the image of yesterday. In this hefty analysis of famous Nineties murder spree thriller "Natural Born Killers", Shawn Helton gives us a reminder of how the phenomena of mass murderers, now replaced by "terror attacks" dominated the  consciousness of "doom generation", and provides insight in Oliver Stone's critique of American mass media.

I’m a monster, but not a pedophile 2

I’m a monster, but not a pedophile

Celibate pedophiles, virtuous pedophiles, non-contact pedophiles ... there are such things, you know. Kali Tribune's Department for Forcible Returning into Closets, Locking of Doors and Setting Them on Fire conducted the analysis of one friendly pedophile's coming out attempt. Hope it hurts.