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A Posthumanist Next Door: David Icke as a Preacher

Posthumanism, in quite general sense of the term, is an omnipresent subject on KT. Conspiracy theories, on the other hand, less so. However, what if conspiracy theories, in the most pejorative sense you can think of, could be a substance of what one might call nascent posthuman religion or at least a world view that seems to be the most compatible one with the negative essence of dissolution of the modern world and modern man? If there's anyone who could provide us with even a preliminary answer to these questions than it must be the Ayatolah of conspiratorial new age populism - David Icke himself.

Dear Kali, I am change and I’m not happening 2

Dear Kali, I am change and I’m not happening

Luana the Truther found herself in the bind. She wants change to happen. And it doesn't happen, no matter what amount of information she ingests. What is she to do? Meditate? Scream? Surf the web in heroic fervor? No. She asked Kali for advice. KT's Department of Channeling the Archons and loading spherical objects in little triangular holes invoked the Goddess to offer advice, Girrrrrrrl to girl.