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Orwell’s 1984 Revisited: Postmodernity and the Demise of Self-Made Man

Mihai Marinescu revisits Orwell's "1984" and provides us with the exposition of still darker undertones present in this work, popular perhaps for all the wrong reasons. Orwell proposed no antidotes - but could it be that he never detected the essence of the poison itself? As Mihai demonstrates, the real horror of "1984" does not lay in the depiction of totalitarian monstrosity, as is customary understood. It is in the soul of its hero doomed to encounter his own reflection in the eye of executioner.


The Technocratic Disease

Mihai Marinescu provides an analysis of the inner technocracy - something that would from traditional perspective be considered it's true cause and nature - infecting even the sworn enemies of it's outer form.

Bedtime for Democracy: A Dialectics of Resentment 2

Bedtime for Democracy: A Dialectics of Resentment

goyahegoat-feature Seems like these days the most democratically distributed opinion is that democracy is not such a good idea. And no one is quite as eager as professed democrats to point this out.