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False Flags, True Colors 1

False Flags, True Colors

Millions are covering their Facebook faces with French flags. That won't harm anyone, won't it? Well, apparently, it already did. It's really tough when you realize that the false flag you are waving bears your true colors. Come and see why.

Sacred Wounds 0

Sacred Wounds

"White wounding" - a new way to make victimhood cool and real morality obsolete. In this short but sweet drive-by post Incompetent Reactionary draws our attention to a well known fact: that political correctness is auto castration.

A Digital Orange 0

A Digital Orange

Why is Alex D. a proper politically correct hero? Because he is by his very nature inclusive. Join us for a plunge in murky depths of political correctness and have a bite of that juicy digital orange.

Angelic reverses 2

Angelic reverses

Symbols of public discourse in this world are bereft of content so their meanings can always be reversed into opposites. Those who are so naive, or vain, to see true faces in them are accepting the role in a theatre of shadows generated by media lanterna magica. It’s hard to blame them, because isn’t it the ultimate dream come true for every philistine, even if he wears a Che Guevarra T-shirt, to act out most grievous of moral dilemmas as shadowplay on the wall of the dimly lit living room?

Beings and appearances 0

Beings and appearances

Human rights and fashion orientations are related and are by no means easy matters. Let's see how famous sineastic killers disscuss these questions in a civil and pluralist manner.