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Lone gunmen 0

Lone gunmen

Expressions of compassion of European people towards the victims of terrorist attacks on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo are omnipresent. The sentiment is almost palpable. It is only natural for Kali Tribune to join the choir, albeit on a slightly dissonant note.

Dear Kali, Je suis Charlie … 1

Dear Kali, Je suis Charlie …

Charlie suffers from strange disease. Out of compassion, he assumed the identity he can't shake off. To make matters worse, it is an identity of French satirical magazine. What to do? Kali Durga to the rescue!

The Fall 0

The Fall

So that’s 21th century, and it only just begun. The century of apologizes and shame, deprived of conscience; century of the religion of Political Correctness, the deification of Asshole as such; century as the summit of freedom from being judged and the freedom of passing judgments on him who dares being judgmental, therefore endowed with discerning reason. The century of anal and oral freedoms and duties; bent-over century; aborted century; century like bad argument for tedious discussion.

As the centuries go, not much of a century.

A little phrasebook of democracy 0

A little phrasebook of democracy

In the turbulent age of Kali Yuga it is so very hard to find one's bearing. Kali Tribune, bearing this lack of bearing in mind, embarked on the project of preparing a little phrasebook of democracy to aid it's readers in understanding both this age and their respective places in the midst of it. The phrasebook is a work in progress, so participation from readers is welcome. Comrades, the history is watching! Let us not disappoint.