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The Word of Old: Tradition, Revelation and the Impossibility of Revolution (pt. 1)

It is said that "Christianity is against human nature". Well, if you think that unspoken reason for saying this was originally: "because it prevents people of wanting to conquer and shag each other, thus at the same time deadening their more creative impulses", you would be quite wrong. The original intellectual objections to Christianity came from people who denounced Christians for rejecting the palaios logos - "the word of old" - that is, ancient metaphysical tradition and civilization built around it, and thus ushering a sort of, what we would now call, a revolutionary new beginning. In this series of essays we'll attempt to indicate not only how and why this was a fundamental misunderstanding, but how Christians who in turn unequivocally rejected the proverbial "Athens" for the sake of absolute - in fact: isolated - "Jerusalem" committed quite a congenial mistake.

Dear Kali, I am change and I’m not happening 2

Dear Kali, I am change and I’m not happening

Luana the Truther found herself in the bind. She wants change to happen. And it doesn't happen, no matter what amount of information she ingests. What is she to do? Meditate? Scream? Surf the web in heroic fervor? No. She asked Kali for advice. KT's Department of Channeling the Archons and loading spherical objects in little triangular holes invoked the Goddess to offer advice, Girrrrrrrl to girl.