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UN Climate Deal: The Joke is on Us

The Paris Treaty is signed and is being ratified by UN member states, all the while anyone with any sense knows that whole "global warming" fuss was much a do 'bout nothing. However, are we really entitled to ridicule the globalist luminaries indulging in an orgy of self-congratulations?

Analysis of Papal encyclical Laudato Si – text to audio 0

Analysis of Papal encyclical Laudato Si – text to audio

Brand New Testament – Analysis of the papal encyclical Laudato SiAs COP21 reached it's end and Kali Tribune's Department of Analysis&Popping of Soap Bubbles is busy working on dissecting the Climate Change Scare System from it's inception in the days of Club of Rome to present, it is fitting to recall how probably the most shameful document in the history of Catholic Church plays into Global Great Game

Sustainable blues 0

Sustainable blues

Kali Tribune's Department of Broken Records and Doomsday Affairs got it's tentacles on newest iteration in the long line of UN's agendas to save the world on the brink of destruction. Meet Agenda 2030 and it's illustrious promoters: High Level Panel of Eminent Persons. Come along and sing some of that ole' sustainable blues with us.

All things sustainable – Sunday Wire ep.103 2

All things sustainable – Sunday Wire ep.103

In ep. 103 of Sunday Wire Patrick Henningsen hooks up with yours truly to discuss new UN Agenda 2030, immigrant crisis in Europe and other mildly entertaining yet serious subjects.