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Directives to Commentariat: on Intelligence and its Opposite

It is time for periodical KT Q&A podcast. This time around we address reader's questions on problem of intelligence and its opposite. What does it mean to be intelligent? Can extremely intelligent men be quite stupid at the same time? What does this mean and how it discloses what intelligence really is? Is intelligence one or many things? Can intelligence be quantified and can it really be tested? Why inability to discern the good in apparent total evil is a sign of stupidity ...

Brzezinski’s distant mirror 1

Brzezinski’s distant mirror

Zbigniew Brzezinski's book "Between Two Ages - America's Role in Technetronic Era" raises controversies even now, 45 years after it was written. Here on Kali Tribune we'll revisit it to point out just how radical and insidious it's purpose is.