The Fall

So that’s 21th century, and it only just begun. The century of apologizes and shame, deprived of conscience; century of the religion of Political Correctness, the deification of Asshole as such; century as the summit of freedom from being judged and the freedom of passing judgments on him who dares being judgmental, therefore endowed with discerning reason. The century of anal and oral freedoms and duties; bent-over century; aborted century; century like bad argument for tedious discussion.



“How in the world can “such and such” happen in 21th century?!” This blasé question is all too often heard these days. And while it is, strictly speaking, futile to take rhetorical question as if it seriously needs the answer, let’s give it a shot anyway. So what exactly did happen? Take a pick. For instance, the expiring year saw revitalization of Jihad-vogue in the form of bizarre Sunni caliphate scheduled to expand way up to Slovenia-Austrian border. Everybody says there’s no way scimitars will be wielded in Europe again, that’s impossible in 21th century. Well, we’ll see about that, but as the caliphate is still quite far from being implemented, let’s take some less dramatic, but no less significant, examples. For instance, it so happens that although we are 21th century people, we still hear about things like opposition to same-sex marriages, masses of people still go to big buildings where they offer allegiance to invisible Being, we still hear about people who openly pronounce the dislike of some societal group, and then have to enact the reconciliation rituals with litanies usually beginning with “of course, it was not my intention …”, “Goes without saying, I condemn …”, etc. Those are really the things provoking consternation in people foolishly believing that anything is impossible in 21th century. ISIL and similar postmodern virtual Behemoths – in itself having no relation to traditions they are accused of perpetrating – are always something out there in the darkness, while backwardness of people who reject anal penetration as a sign of being on “the right side of history” is clear and present danger.

However, the rhetorical question can be turned on itself which, interestingly enough, renders it rather un-rhetorical. Namely, one can ask: “What can happen in 21th century that couldn’t happen before?” Rarely does it occur to anyone to make this simple logical switch, making it all the more interesting. So what is it then? What’s so new that it was never before possible? Is it perhaps the development of belief that technological progress will eradicate evil? No, we heard that before, at the latest we are hearing about it from French Revolution onwards. Ok, then, is it a belief that, after the political rite of passage, we will bring about socialist Heaven on Earth? No, no go. That’s all old stuff, although nowdays under different name. To cut the long story short, and save irony for later, there is really very little novelty in 21th century and those who put their trust in progress are only repeating the same old tune; a standardized, worn-out litany of progress and continual betterment of human race. Admittedly, they added some synchs and rhythm machines, but the tune is really old and really repetitive. Probably, that’s why it is so catchy.

Political correctness However, there are some other things. For instance, it is a rather novel occurrence of today that one can be accused of racism or sexism simply because he or, rather seldom, she used the word or words being sanctioned as “unacceptable”. At first sight, even this seems to be nothing new, because, when we abstract the motives, sanctioning of words was always fundamental for speaking in public. Novelty of 21’th century, however, is the underlying idea that for everything which can be said there is one and only one word proscribed as acceptable. This seemingly hair-splitting linguistic peculiarity is closely knit with another novelty, i.e. progressive annihilating of difference between public and intimate. For example ‘afro-american’ is the obligatory word to denote black American woman even in the intimacy of her bedroom. For if during the tender moments with her white boyfriend or husband, the web camera remained switched on, and later somehow and in some roundabout way the public gets the wind of her albino lover saying some erotic metaphor, comparing her to chocolate ice cream for instance, the fact that he made her laugh won’t save him from condemnation. He’ll have to confess, do penance and if he was so bold as to use some additional “coffee” or “cappuccino” metaphors, he could very well lose his job. As far as we know, the fact that the intimate relation is regulated to such an extent is a complete novelty. Communism was very particular about the party-line, but sexual innuendos between two people were really of no interest to commissars; the Church, admittedly, endeavoured to control the intimacy by instruction. But sacrament of Confession is by it’s very nature confidential and hence intimate, while political correctness at work in our example presupposes absolute exposure to the public. It is therefore, quite un-rhetorically speaking, a real novelty.

But the novelty of 21th century doesn’t stop there, because there is another phase of the process of political correctness, which is necessary to it’s existence, but is rarely recognized. Namely, media, while condemning this vile act of racial sexism, will at the same time continue airing the educational clip teaching the kids just how they should conduct themselves in accordance with proper sexual and racial mores. Mr. Lil’Wayne,



while addressing one of his ladies, let’s call her X,




She say “I never wanna you make you mad,
I just wanna make you proud”I say “baby, just make me come,
Then don‘t make a sound”

Therefore, shut your hole and let me come. The educational clip can be watched here:

Euphemisms People always believed in words and principles and simultaneously were always prone to betray them. The phenomenon was, before the 21th century, called ‘human weakness’ or ‘moral weakness’, there’s nothing new or peculiar about that. But the situation when manifestly contradictory principles are sanctioned in a system regulating the words and actions to the extent that mere slip of tongue can be viewed as a mortal sin, while blatant glorification of violence merits the qualification of artistic expression, is a complete historical novelty. If Middle-ages nobleman raped, pillaged and burned, deep inside he was still aware that principles he often used to justify his actions are in fact condemning him. Numerous classical works of art, and especially sacral architecture, remind us of this, because on his dying bed he tried to ease his conscience by hefty donations to artists and their monopolist employer, the Church. Today, however, anybody not only can, but altogether must, cautiously endeavour to be at the same time law abiding citizen and potential rapist. And that’s new. The crime is not wrapped in euphemisms, it itself became euphemism.

The problem is, nobody sees this until it’s too late. And it becomes too late when piece of trash as the above cited hip-hop artist for all intents and purposes becomes mainstream of the type addressing not only adolescents, but also the children. In that sense we can say that 21th century is an age of being too late. Consequently, it is at the same time the age of consternation, because if it is too late to prevent evil – and it always is – then it must be endured while expressing the blasé consternation over it. It is interesting, however, that evil today has an access to public, i.e. it becomes public, while at the same time the public itself is allowed to be consternated over it. If we put these things together – something proponents and victims of political correctness never do – we must conclude that consternation itself is a form of evil.

Liberated sex Isn’t this too much? No, because in order to give Lil’Wayne the right to mould adolescent argot, the spontaneity of normal communication must be paralyzed. Natural communication of people indulging in sex is rarely politically correct. But the only time it consists in ordering the bitch to shut up and let the man come is probably in case of rape or some sadomasochistic game. Which is not – or at least until the 21thcentury was not – normal. The real purpose of Lil’Wayne is moulding the image, or simulacrum, of subculture before the minority rights are being given to it. If we return to above example of politically incorrect love birds, only the Puritan can be appalled by their fooling around which is in fact a natural part of intimacy. On the contrary, in politically correctly staged – and therefore exemplary – intercourse between Lil’Wayne and miss X, we are in fact witnessing the codification of intimacy for concrete societal group and – lo and behold! – no one is consternated. Latter, when the group’s virtual image is reinforced in this way, the society formally provides it with all kinds of rights to equalize it with the majority. In that sense, the 21th century is the age of equality. The ban on every word save one presupposes at the same time, paradoxically, ban of only one word save all the rest, at the opposite side of social spectrum. So apparently white Americans must publicly speak about their compatriots of darker skin as if the difference does not exist, while at the same time media spreads the message that black Americans can use a wide spectrum of derogatory expressions and on account of that even be called ‘artists’. Well, if the hatred which necessarily ensues can equalize people, then we can indeed affirm that politically correct culture is really culture of equality. If we take a look at our not so safe European home, it is obvious that Lil’ Wayne’s vocabulary is equally present, even in the white only villages of Dalmatian hinterlands and Slavonia, so we can safely assume that equality is really equally widespread throughout the globe. There’s no shortage of white girls quite in tune with Lil’ Wayne-based curricula:

We should note that Miley Cyrus started out as a child star of Disney packaging:



And that only by doing this:

she sent her little fans the message: “I grew up. Follow me.” In that sense we can say that the novelty of 21th century is that the children are being systematically educated by media. Early sexualisation in accordance to strictly controlled rules is a form of education, therefore it is by no means spontaneous growing up. It only mimics it for the sake of instruction. The school only formalizes things learned, not on the streets or in family home, but in front of TV or laptop screen; the things necessary to set the streets and homes on fire. Well then, how exactly paranoid is the assumption that forcible control of the consciousness moulded in this way by sexual and civil education is in fact the mean of controlling the intimacy? For if we ditch all those repetitive litanies about teaching children the proper use of condom or about accepting the anal coitus as not only normal, but essentially heroic – and hence privileged – act, then it becomes obvious that 21th century governments are very concerned about keeping the mouths shut while coming is done peacefully, as Lil’Wayne teaches us.

Ascending by falling This century began with controlled demolition, symbolically and factually. And through this demolition we are witnessing the controlled construction, the gluing of shards of civilization in accordance to strict rules of degradation and violence, the literal inauguration of what Gospels called Porneia or Sin in the vilest sense. Never before the 21th century was the order built through encouraging the chaos without any qualms of conscience. Nowdays, the parent is forbidden even to rise the voice at his or her child and at the same time the professional educator is being allowed to assign it to socially beneficial work, notably something closely resembling the usual sentence of corrupted officials in Croatia. Any true pedagogue knows that child’s logic is very straightforward and that it never misses to note such contradictions, and that the natural reaction is insurmountable frustration which will have to be acted out in society, often through violence.

So those are the fruits of secular religion. Let us sum them up by singing the songs of freedom, offering the hip-hop hymns to god of 21th century, so we can all too easily pour the hatred out. Our god is a jealous god. He is deprived of chosen peoples, but provided with chosen ghettos. And his choice always turns into curse. If the image of a black man is sketched by the hand of violent and psychopathic marionette, and then sanctioned as untouchable as such, there is no way out of that shackles for real group it encompasses, as well as there’s no way other groups can accept it. The freedom of absolute equality provided by system is in fact the activity of bringing about absolute differences, closing the gates of the ghettos and cutting of any possibility of communication between them. It is sanctioned as ‘multiculturalism’, ‘respect for differences’ and ‘tolerance’. It is sold as a spontaneous evolution of society, “the right side of history”.

“We’ll give the right of upbringing your child to anybody save yourself, be on the right side of history!”

In plain words: “Either bend over, or…”

So, all is quiet on the Western front? Well, not exactly. The religion is being replaced, Sharia is being introduced, but not by Kalashnikovs of Sunni fanatics, but by the media and decrees of human rights given by supra-national institutions, the faithful meleks of the new god. No need of going to special building anymore in order to worship. No need for bells ringing and obstructing the tranquillity of neighbourhoods, the Law will apply in homes, on streets and in every single head. But prayers and sacrifices will be offered, as men always have done. Only the clerics will be a tad stricter this time around. The books will be forbidden or purged of sacrilegious content – for instance, we can expect that Dante’s heresy will finally be purged, and that sodomites will be released from the depths of hell by omitting the incriminating passages of Divine Comedy. Any kind of insult or derogatory speech will be banned, along with sense of humour, acts of rebellion and dissent.

Anyway, there’s a lot of new stuff, and yet nothing is so very novel. One could say it’s all only a bit more intense. Where once priests condemned adultery, and some people obeyed, some gave them no ear, and still some disobeyed and later repented, there we now see more or less complete obedience. Because hatred is a form of obedience too, perhaps it’s most efficient form, and if anyone considers it to be a sign of dissent, he is gravely mistaken. Every church needs mortal sinners. Nobody empowers it quite as good as they do.

So that’s 21th century, and it only just begun. The century of apologizes and shame, deprived of conscience; century of the religion of Political Correctness, the deification of Asshole as such; century as the summit of freedom from being judged and the freedom of passing judgments on him who dares being judgmental, therefore endowed with discerning reason. The century of anal and oral freedoms and duties; bent-over century; aborted century; century like bad argument for tedious discussion.

As the centuries go, not much of a century.

Branko Malić

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