The Invisible Empire: Introduction to Alexander Dugin’s “Foundations of Geopolitics”, pt. 1

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11 Responses

  1. Ante says:

    Hitler is supposed to be the Avatar of Vishnu, not Shiva… cough, cough. 😀

  2. Mihai says:

    It is quite telling that Dugin’s thought seems to be a curious mixture- even synthesis- of two subversive currents that have sprung and developed in the West in the past 2 centuries: the first is the well known religious millenarist heresy and the second is the secular eschaton envisaged by the many ideologies (Marxism, liberalism etc) to which Dugin himself refers.

    So it is no wonder that it appears to gather support from westerners- americans especially- whose mindset has been affected- unconsciously at least- for quite some time with these 2 errors. In Dugin you get the secular New Earth with a sprinkle of pseudo-religious metaphysics.

  3. robber chih says:

    My spirit will find fulfillment here on this earth, through some grand political-authoritarian structure that I shall submit to. Yes it can be done. And my spirit adamantly strives for this great freedom. Because this structure is the sine qua non of my spiritual existence, naturally. It all makes sense to me, I feel red brown on the inside now. This is our true calling. Can’t you see ? ?

  4. Akira says:

    U mad bro?

    Please let us know where to send the flowers for your gay marriage to Wahid Azal!

    • Malić says:

      No need. If those are red thorny roses stick them up your ass and we’ll call it even.

      • Wahid says:

        Akira aka Adam is always hurling homosexual references in one context or another. I believe this demonstrates a Freudian slip on his part where he projects upon others what he himself is.

        • Mihai says:

          Geopolitical repressed tendencies

          • Han Fei says:

            You see you’re all wrong. All of you are misguided. All of your eyes are shut to the truth. The only true path is the one that is Master Wong. Master Wong runs the dry cleaner that is located across the street where I live. I know Master Wong is right because he has a long white beard that stretches to his waist. In fact I’m not sure Wong is even his name or that he’s a master of anything, because his English isn’t very good, and he tend to yell at me a lot whenever I come in, but because he has a light skinned Asian appearance, chances are his name must be either something like Chan, Hu or Wong, or maybe Kim or Yamakawa or something.

            Mr. Wong’s teachings are timeless as can be encapsulated in his laconic sayings . “Your change two dorrar an 35 cens.” “Don come back if you don have cash.” “No I don wan your libary card.” Words of wisdom such as these opened my eyes to the truth. Ever since I discovered Master Wong I feel either like a woman that has married a man half her age or a man that has married a woman twice his size.

            You follow false postmodern trash, except of course traditionalism is stupid. You believe in false conspiracy theorys, instead of true conspiracy theorys. Your beliefs are entirely shaped depraved degenerate product of the Western education system and mass media, except of course that system is fantastic and should be implemented everywhere. The concept of religion is a stupid outdated relic, my belief system based on the teachings of Mr. Wong is the sole yardstick of metaphysical reality. Open your eyes to the truth and stop believing in what is not. As Master Wong’s eternal words of wisdom rang true to me “get out right now or I car the porice”.

            And this is what I’m going to do if you keep on offending against the teachings of Master Wong. Because if it ain’t criminal yet, it sure as hell would be in the near future as soon as we inevitably achieve world domination.

        • Malić says:

          I’m not closed to negotiations. If you can procure me a payed for PhD course on Berlin University and an academic job, I’ll marry both you and your wife. As according to Dugin I’m geopolitically Berlin dominated, its not a sin, just geopolitical opportunity.

  5. Trev says:

    Many opportunities were taken to attack Dugin, and the final parting shot was in poor taste, but I find Dugin’s claims and ideas quite fascinating. If there is an opening, if there is a partial Western collapse, we might just see those dastardly Russians create an Empire anew and along these very ideas.

    I would like to know more. If there could be less attacks upon the man and his ideas (for I am interested in them, not opinion), that would be superb.

    Thank you Malić. I hope you continue to engage with Dugin, not tar-and-feather and dismiss.

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