The Science Sought For … on Aristotle and Problem of Metaphysics (pt.1 – introduction)

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  1. Avatar Simon says:

    Hi Branko,

    sincere thanks for this exposition. Your website is really the snickers chocolate bar in my school breaks from academic nonsense these days. Looking forward to the rest.


  2. Avatar Jack says:

    Hey Branko,

    You must’ve read a lot of books on Aristotle! I know you mentioned Joseph Owens’s, and I see he’s written like The Doctrine of Being in the Aristotelian Metaphysics: A Study in the Greek Background of Mediaeval Thought, Aristotle, the collected papers of Joseph Owens and Aristotle’s gradations of Being in Metaphysics E-Z?

    I don’t really buy books or read much of anything so I can’t tell if this is like expensive or too expensive? ( not that I’m awfully poor or anything like that just cheep i guess . It might also be because I don’t really have a habit of reading, I can’t be sure I’ll be focused or motivated to read it when I actually get my hands on it. I mean I dont want to buy something super expensive and end up having it as a mere trophy)

    Other than Joseph Owens, I’d like hear few other names whose worked on Aristotle’s Metaphysics please. That’d be great!

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